games like gunvolt 2

| I just really like the copen levels, I'm gonna get GV chronicles soon but I wanna know what other good run n gun n air-dash games there are

| At that level of quality? Not a lot of games do that. Maybe check out some of the older IntiCreates Mega Man games (Zero series and ZX/ZXA), but those are gonna be closer to how GV plays I guess. There's also 20XX/30XX, a roguelike that plays like a Mega Man X game.

| Also Dragon Marked For Death has a Shinobi character who plays pretty much exactly like Copen. Buuut this one is not *quite* as tight, it's kinda repetitive as you're gonna visit same 4-5 levels A LOT of times to fight same enemies to progress in that game.

| Well, you could play the Sparkster/Rocket Knight Adventures games. It does have the ramming part of Copen's playstyle, and are nice little gems from the 90's.

But yeah, play Luminous Avenger Ix if you want more Copen. Nothing like bouncing into the floor to keep bullets. Shame they don't do Haikus on that one.

| Maybe Spark the Electric Jester? From the creator of Sonic Before and The Sequel and After The Sequel, people usually say it's more like Megaman rather than Sonic, so maybe you can find some Gunvolt likeness there.

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