If your favourite game is so good why aren't you playing it?


| I am

| Gurl I put 70 more hours into Skyrim in the last week. I'm doing my part.

| How is Todd Howard supposed to survive the pandemic without your daily life force?

| It's because I have multiple favourites! I can't play them all at once!

| I love sex.

| If I don't play my favorite game, that means I play my other favorite game

| replaying a p linear vn isn't that satisfying. I prefer to watch somebody I know play it for the first time but my friends hate reading

| Because the wonder of exploration and discovery is gone after scouring through everything multiple times, and the many approaches to combat were done.
But the that fact it made me finish it more than once and do those things without regret says a lot. (Hyper Light Drifter 2 when)

| Because i need to be a responsible adult with a job or something like that, wish i could play more Botw however

| Because i don't play games i collect them, it's more entertaining to collect experiences then to actually play them.

Unless they're gatcha garbage in which cas i have all the time in the world.

| >>750371 you mean Solar Ash? :3c

| I already completed it 100% and then deleted my save file to block a bullet for a stranger

| >>750451 thank you, stranger. I wouldn't have gotten Ending E without your help.

| Dude I'm taking a 10 min break of it, let me rest

| There's more games to be played, rage to be had, tears to be dropped, smiles to appear and joycons to break

| (And also because it's VA-11 HALL-A and I have the same problem that >>4840fc has)

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