Most of you have trash taste

| If it's popular, it's trash

| Correct. And if it's not popular that's because it's trash so nobody plays it.
Everything is trash, every game is trash, people shouldn't be different, the hive mind is soon in control.

| >>750082
Hive mind is trash too. So is Control.

| There is something wrong here, liking things that are popular or unpopular is not trash. It is trash to like things because they are popular or not. Wheter is bad or good, as long as it is your own taste, is good for you, don't base your taste on others, think for yourself.

| >>750086
Don't think for your self. Down with individualism. Connect to the hive mind.

| >>750090 sorry, asociality comming through

| Imagine being unable to like something just because other people like it too. Sad!

| >>750092
It really is.

| >I like 'a thing'
>others like 'a thing'
>'a thing' is popular
>"wow, 'a thing' is popular, we better milk it and make shitton of money off of 'a thing'
>'a thing' gets ruined, because it's popular
>'a thing' is trash
>thanks obama

| OP is a faggot.

| Op how about you go outside and touch grass for a bit.

| >>8095a2 predictable bait

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