So, what if, VTuber fighting game?

| I really, really want to see a VTuber fighting game. I don't watch a lot of VTubers, but I've seen a lot of cool VTuber designs and I know that some of them have, like, fictional backstories for their characters and stuff. Some VTubers also have weapons, like Calliope's scythe or Gura's trident.

So, I would love to see a fighting game with VTubers. Maybe platform fighter since some of them have wings and stuff, but a regular one could be really good as well.

| There has already been lot of videogames related to Youtubers, content, dedicated characters and that, just stop it, it's cringe, makes games last no time and it's even worse when it's found out they are on some controversial shit. Don't think VTubers are safe from any of that.

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Those commas are cringe. Wtf are those

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VTubers have a lot of backing and a lot of them are playing a character. It would basically just be a Smash-type thing. Just a big crossover of characters. So, I think it could work very well actually. Don't be so pessimistic!

| It'd be fun, but only I am allowed to main Gura.

| >>750017 I'm def maining Amelia Watson with doggo Bubba

| I want vtubers to disappear

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Guts could be a really cool character!
Amelia sounds cool, but I have no idea what her moveset would be. Isn't she just, detective?

Personally I would probably main ironmouse, because I imagine she would be fast and have demon powers. She would probably have some really good taunts as well.

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Amelia Moveset Ideas:
- Ground Pound
- Gremlin Screech
- Sic Bubba onto opponent
- Time Control for Recovery (if this is a Smash-like)
- Striking with Magnifying Glass for basic attacks

There's options, g/u/rl!

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Ooh! That's pretty good. I'm not very familiar with her so I only knew about the magnifying glass.

| A waist-up 2D boxing game would be super funny and fit the style of vtubers

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True! It sounds like it would be difficult to make that more than just a throwaway gimmick game though.
If it was a 2D fighter, 3D fighter or platform fighter there would be wider appeal and more freedom.

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> Gremlin Screech [Lvl. 3]
> Acc. 69% - Pow. 42
> "A bone-numbing chill runs through your spine, you can't move!"

| Reminder that Korone actually does boxing as a hobby.

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Ooh! I didn't know! That solves her moveset then.

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yo wtf

| >>751126 your yubis aren't safe

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