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| Alright g/u/rls, I've been having an absolute blast with CTGP, and I also installed Retroarch and a bunch of GBA games to play. Any suggestions on what else I should do? Maybe look into playing Gamecube games on it next?

| Yes, please. I am curious about how they run

| Tbh I mostly use my Wii U to just play N64, GameCube and Wii games :P
The VC's N64 emulator is really good compared to most other N64 emulators out there, so I had a lot of fun playing Ocarina of Time in it, and GameCube runs flawlessly as long as you don't mind the limited analog trigger functionality.
Maybe check out the Paper Marios or Sonic Adventures

| >>749870 Nice, thanks so much for the info. I haven't checked out Sonic Adventures yet.

| If you liked Ocarina of Time try randomizers of it, it's really fun, also rom hacks.
Add to your emulator list PSX games and PSP games if you don't have a PSP or a Vita, there are many many games they must be so worth playing on Wii U (also PPSSPP enhances most of them).

DS emulation (or Virtual console) is also a good option if you don't have a DS.

Oh and don't overlook Wii U games, there are reallt good games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Zelda.

Botw Modding is insane.

| I always forget BotW is a Wii U game.

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