ever played killer7?

| if so what’s your opinion on the game?

(the game frequently goes on sale at steam, so if you want to play something different and unique, would definitely recommend)

| I beat it on PS2, it's one of my most favorite games ever! Still no other game like it, and I love its color gradient noir style. I remember a friend saying they don't like it because it was "too weird" but I don't get why that's a bad thing. I like it when games set themselves apart from others in imaginative ways.

| Game is fantastic but getting accustomed to the gameplay will take a while. The story is worth pushing through that point

| Just finished the tutorial chapter, I hate the game controls, so much, but that's justy general repulsion to tank controls in shit like RE, outside of that, it's ok so far, I bought it because I know it's part of No More Heroe's universe and I love the first one and decided to push through the whole franchise and some of SUDA51's other work

| >>3b1b3c just played through the pc version for the first time after multiple playthroughs on the gc version, and yeah, kbm controls are kinda weird, but you get used to it I guess

| Nah, I didn't play the first 6 games.

| >>750205
Go away Colin Robinson

| I only heard it's OST because Masafumi Takada (composer of NMH music and Danganronpa music and some of Kid Icarus Uprising and Smash), it's just godlike

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