It's dangerous to go alone

| >Here take this.

What do you bring with you?

| >Select wooden sword.

It can't keep me safe, and will instead endow me with a terrible curse, but one day i'll forgive you.

| >phone
I'm never alone with access to internet ^^

| >estus flasks
you know, just in case

| >>749652
People on discord don't count as real relationships. If anything, pretending that they do damages your ability to experience actual friendships and relationships in person.

| >>749677
True that, can confirm by experience.

| >>749652 you mean sheikah slate?

| >>749677

Online relationships are as real as offline relationships if you're an honest person. Some people can make these connections while others can't. Don't act like everyone is the same as you.

| Yeah I agree, you have to acknowledge that they're still real relationships, discord buddys are wholesome. Thou it's still pretty different than offline.

| >AXE
My favorite axe-iliary armament for axe-ing questions.

| >spear and shield

Best combo in history

| >you

| >My best friend
If I'm going on an adventure then I wanna do it with my favourite person! And if it's dangerous to go alone then I don't want to go alone, do I?

| >>749702
>Online Relationship
>Honest Person
I wish it could work that way

| >>750849
Just re-read the reply you tagged. Not everyone is you.

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