Recommended PS2 games? I'm feeling nostalgic

| Okay g/u/rls, taking a trip to the 00s with PS2 games. I'm a huge fan of Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, but I like looking for lesser known gems too like God Hand.

I'm eyeballing Katamari Damacy or Breath of Fire 5. What do you recommend I get?

| Obligatory Digital Devil Saga and Nocture

| Deus Ex

| Valkyrie Profile 2
Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit
R.A.D. (Robot Alchemic Drive)
Everblue 2
Crimson Sea 2
Heavenly Guardian(Pocky and Rocky sequel)

and my personal favorites Grimgrimoire and Odin Sphere

| >>749477 I have Nocturne, but I never played Digital Devil Saga. Pitch to me what makes it worth checking out, g/u/rl!

| Time Splitters 2

| Gundam Dynasty and Gran Turismo 4 are my all time childhood favourites

| Silent Hill 2, babyy!!

| It doesn't really fit your preferences based on what games you've listed, but how can anyone avoid mentioning it while talking about PS2 games?

| I know this is out of your preferences, but it comes from Hideo Kojima, Zone of the Ender. Two games of mecha fighting, the second is better than frist, i have to say it.
And Rayman 3.
Hope you enjoy :D

| >>749793 i actually love Zone of the Enders. Specifically The 2nd Runner! I wish there more fast paced mech games.

| >>749786 I feel Silent Hill 2 is kind of a given at this point. Too bad finding a ps2 disc copy is both rare and expensive.

| I would also like to recommend Rayman 3, Silent Hill 1 and 2, RE 1,2,3, and FF XII. These may not be in line with what you may like, but these are some of the ones I love.

Also, my top favs are the original .Hack// series. I haven't went back and played them out of fear my nostalgia shades might be to stronk, but I'm planning to go back to them soon.

| >>749806 I'm open to different kinds of games, though mostly Japanese-developed games. So those reccs are welcome!

| Psy-ops

| Metal gear 3

| Yes, definitely Katamari Damacy.
Maybe check out the Xenosaga series and see if it interests you?

| >>749827 I've only played about an hour or two of Xenosaga years ago. I tend to hear a lot about its story being high concept but I don't know the specifics. How would you describe what makes it special?

| >>749749
I mean, Digital Devil Saga is a Megami Tensei game too, so if you like Nocturne (or JRPG in general) you probably like that too.

I'd also like to add the two Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha games to the list. It's action-based Megami Tensei with an interesting Meiji era setting.

| Fatal Frame series

| Maybe also GitS game

| Ico

| >>749806 >>749810
As a fellow .hack fan, they mostly hold up still. Also, if you haven't yet, check out .hack//fragment, it's completely fan-run and uses the original .hack engine.

As for recommendations:
Shadow of the Colossus, it's really, really good.

Sub Rebellion, for when you want quick underwater sub combat and exploration.

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