I want a new Warioware game

| That is all.

| Pureya might scratch the same itch, even though the games are a bit too drawn out and it misses a lot of the charm.

NitorInc: Touhou Microgames is a bit closer, but it's quite short (I think only a demo is available?)

| Same, sadly this Gen's one was called 1, 2 Switch

(But for real, I think Nintendo just wants WarioWare dead, why the fuck would you launch Gold at the end of the 3DS lifespan, and then release a game with the feel of WarioWare but without the IP or charm, making it unattractive and letting it sink down as hard as it did... So yeah, WarioWare dead now, as well as WarioLand, can't believe Nintendo killed the best Super Mario character.)

| I would like that as well.

You sound like a tweet.

| >>749303 he is harsh but its true. Fuck Nintendo! They've ruined warioware

| Nintendo: *like always, release a game in a span of 5 to 10 years*
Fans: Why Nintendo wants to kill my favorite franchise?
Just to be clear. Is not Nintendo, is the DEVELOPERS, if they aren't on some other projects and have some thumb up to develop something, that's when it's done. Like exactly Wario Ware has been going.
The only times it was faster to develop was at DS/Wii times because you could make a low effort on source game.

| >>749428 so when drill dozer 2?

| >>749434 That's under Game Freak, that's your answer. Also seeing hows their effort towards Pokemon, you wouldn't want a sequel to it.
Anyhow wasn't that Game Freak PS4 essentially Drill Dozer 2? Giga Wrecker or something like that?

| I mean, will you as a CEO or something, willing to produce games, with a character who's most known gimmick is to fart ?
But damn the gameboy advanced one was so excellent, good old days. Didn't like the wii one thou.

| >>749768 it's called art

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