Considerations on practice in rhytm games

| Do you think anyone can get mad good? Say get from 2 stars in osu to 6 provided they practice daily for many years.

| Everything comes with enough practice. It may be harder for some people than others, yeah, but surely not impossible.

| Now how does this saying go?.. "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart"? I don't know about becoming "mad" good at rhythm games, but anyone could definately insanely improve their performance by just practicing a lot. You'll get there as long as you keep trying, just like with everything else in this world

| I mean, yeah? That's literally how improvent works. You practice something constantly and slowly get better and better.

| Mad Dead Rat for the Nintendo Switch will help with the madness.

| git gud

| You get from 2* to 6* in osu in like a month or less

What u wanna do is play with Nf and only play maps u can barely read. Once u can read 6* in osu you can play any rythm game xept DDR/guitar hero type games.

Speed (the ability to execute what u read is sth that comes with time but as anything else it won't get better than what u practice for so stay at ur reading level.

I'm 100k in osu but I FC fool moon Peggy's destruction with rx, bc read > click speed.

| Agreed, even though I play mania, what >>8b5fd0 said still applies. Many people are scared of touching reach maps because of failing but the best way to learn is to keep exposing yourself with harder maps with no fail. If you're afraid to move out of your comfort zone, you'll never get the chance to learn how to read harder maps.

| I'm sure anyone can, it's just a matter if they'd want to. I suck at rhythm games, but that's not whats stopping me from mastering them. I just don't find it rewarding to do so, and I stick with playing them casually.

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