Ps5 restocking soon... The next 100 g/u/rls to reply get one.


| I won PS5? ^^

| I want a Vita.

| Time to re-sell

| Give me now please

| No thanks

| Ugh no, I rather have a Wii U thanks

| Gib ataro 2700


| >>748917
I love my Vita. Shame Sony's hated it since before it launched.

| Time to buy all the stock and resell them on ebay for a higher msrp price

| >>749041 I hope it gets cheap so I can play EROTIC games.

| 100 exist?

| Bruh, I swear to god if I don't get one


| don't believe you

| Yeah this won't happen

| i'd rather get a switch pro please and thank you

| >>749681 fuck this.

| Speaking of which, Sony's suddenly so generous for free game drops, even more with ps plus

| >>749755 It's not free, it's a temporal teaser, it's not permanent, and PS Plus it's a service you pay for, stop lying yourselves.

| give me one

| Me pls

| >>748917 the PS Vitas are being sold now by 50-100€, maybe you can get a good offer. Good luck, stranger.

| I will sell it the double price on Ebay and buy one in like 2 years when there will be games

| Nice

| yeahhhhhhhhh

| >>749794 $50 is ok for me but the prices here start frok $90 and above. ;_;

| Still better than xbox subscriptions

| This sounds a little bit silly.

| I want a burg

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