What aren't you playing right now?

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In other words, what aren't you playing but you want to?

I'm not playing Omori but I really want to. I've been following it for so long and now that it's finally out I just haven't gotten around to it for various reasons.

| Omori for me as well. It's been sitting in my library since January and it sounds so good but it also seems like quite the time investment and I don't wanna half-ass it.

I also wanna finally play Hollow Knight but I can't buy it rn (and don't have the time) so. No can do.

| Cyberpunk 2077. I refused to buy into the hype because I knew I was gonna love it anyway and didn't want the hype to spoil the experience.

Well, the game turned out to be very basic so I haven't felt like playing it at all and my love and optimism is gone.

| Omori as well. But also Fire Emblem Three Houses, I've bought it like half a year ago and haven't started yet because it's just... *intimidatingly* big. Kinda same with Trails in the Sky.

| >>746379

Waiting on the 1.2 patch later this month before I try again.




| I'm not playing Haven, cuz I am too broke to spend $$$ on games rn. Soon though, SOON!

| Elona omake

| Not playing Celeste, I want to play it someday though.

| One step from Eden. It's got battle network gameplay which I love, but I just haven't brought myself to buy and play it yet.

Crosscode dlc too.

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Ah shit. I should play both of those too. Thanks for reminding me!

| Russian roulette.

| I'm not playing Final Fantasy 14... even though my subscription just auto-renewed.
Oh well, 12 bucks a month isn't going to kill me and even though I have things I want to do in it, I just have lots of other games to play, books to read, and life to live.
That timesink will always be there.

| want to play space station 13 but I haven't been able to get it running on linux

| Hitman 3 for me. Waiting for the game to release on Steam for the level imports and achievements.

| It's Omori for me as well. I'm holding out for the Switch release.
Final Fantasy VII Remake as well. I got the game for free on PS+, but I haven't even touched it yet.

| WORLD OF HORROR has been tempting me for months, but I promised myself not to buy any Early Access game and anyway, I don't play on PC anymore, so I should wait for Switch release.

Game's looking fantastic though.

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I can confirm that it is, indeed, fantastic. It's only really early access in the sense of more content is being added: the game is fully playable and enjoyable in its current state, and being a "roguelike" without much meta-progression, you aren't getting a lesser experience by playing it as-is.

| >>746550

| Rain world i hust never have the time to fully sit down and get immersed in it

| Monster Hunter Rise because I have work today T-T

| >>746408 All of those games are very good. But bit of warning though, if you play trails in the sky do not play trails of cold steel afterwards it is honestly terrible.

| >>748136
I dunno, I've seen it being praised left and right as an amazing continuation to the series. Well, I do intend to play through Sky trilogy and the Crossbell games at the very least, we'll see after that.

| I'm not playing NieR Automata since it runs like 5 to 10 fps. I want to play also the previous NieR and the Drakengard series, but my PC can only emulate PS1 or older consoles

| >>748167 You can play it if you want but it's really just another jrpg. It has nothing that made sky or crossbell good.

| surviving mars, because it's downloading rn

| >>748387
Ha mood. I dunno how I managed to enjoy Automata enough to get to the first ending despite only running on, like, 17 fps. Oh well.

I got a used PS3 for 100 bucks and I pretty much only used it to play NieR. Great game.

| I wanna play Bugsnax but I'm not buying a console for 1 game.

| Disco elysium it seems good i just cant find the time to play it

| Dwarf fortress, because I'm trying to clear out my game backlog.

| Risk of rain 2. I'm a huge fan of the first game and bandit was my favorite character. Bandit update came out, but now I'm playing monster hunter rise. I'll probably play next week.

| Deus Ex HR. Currently replaying the original one. Hope it's not too different from the OG.

| The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, I had to come visit family faraway from home, so I can't play it at all
Also Smash, I miss Smash, playing Smash is always good, even tho the online sucks

| Finally playing Kara no Shojo 2. Innocent grey makes qualitative visual novels (despite being an eroge).

| kotor, cause i fucked up the combat specs so i die all the time and i don't want to deal with taris again

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