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Mario Golf

| Any of you g/u/rls like the Mario Golf series?

I've always seen and heard good things about it, but I never played any of the games until today. And, it was really fucking good.

Like, I never find myself enjoying sports games. I usually find them pretty boring even if they're well made, but this shit hit different. Genuinely sick mechanics, a good balance between video gamey fun and stuff from the actual sport, very nice visuals and some genuine challenge. It's super fun!

| The one I'm playing is Mario Golf: Advance Tour btw. The GBA one.

| Mario sports games were so fucking good, even goddamn golf was fun, kinda hyped we finally getting something else than just Tennis, and hoping Strikers comes back.

| Golf and fishing are things really boring to me and I'll never understand why so many games pretend they are fun and must be played by everyone, but I understand people liking it. At least Golf follows some simple ideas and they are mostly universal between all games. But fishing... o god...

| There is an exception though, Mini-golf games are usually super fun with cool and sick level designs under puzzles, would have been fun to have a "Golf with Mario friends"

| I only saw the trailer, i thought it looked pretty basic tbh

| >>742587
That would be pretty cool!
I'm personally really liking the game design of the one I made the thread about, but it's the type of game that's less about overcoming the stage and more about overcoming, yourself? Like, the challenge is in making the perfect shots to not fuck yourself over, while minigolf has a completely different kinds charm which I love as well.

You genuinely sat through this shit: https://youtu.be/gSn2icejvVc ? That's respect. Goddamn.


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