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Confess your gaming sins

| I'll go first.

Yeara ago,, I used Game Shark on Final Fantasy XII to max out my character levels, money, and license points. After that initial rush of power, my playthrough felt empty since there was nothing to challenge my power.

| I've played Song of Saya...

| I turned on assist mode for one screen in celeste in 7b

| also I could never beat the rat in punchout with 3 stars in gungeon so I downloaded a 100% save file to get the last achievement ;~;

| I brute forced a RE revelations save to get an infinite rocket launcher for the insane online trophies

| I beat like half the bosses in Dark Souls 3 with either NPC or player summons.

| The only time I've really enjoyed Skyrim or FTL was through cheating.

| >>742476
Also Stellaris, Subnautica..;

| >>ea1bf5 That's not a sin but an illness

| My friend and I figured out how to glitch ourselves into walls on Battlefield Modern Combat and we did it all the time. We could shoot people on the outside but they couldn't shoot trough the walls at us. It was shitty of us but man was it hilarious.

| I read a guide to beat the last stages of Darkest Dungeon without even trying it blindly for myself first.

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Maybe my cheating's an illness but your IDquoting is a tumour

| >>2fe177
don't be a bitch

| I can't think of many, but the most I remember with auto-insta-karma was using cheat codes on Pokemon Diamond to gain infinite exp which turned out on a A-mashing game for over 1 hour because I swapped between all the team. I didn't even wanted to use it I just was curious. This is how I learned about Arceus by the way.
Other sins would be making my own x-ray texture pack on Minecraft or modding GTA SA to play as Kirby and have no hit-box at all when crouching.

| >>742527 Oh and that one made me remember one sin from MTA, I didn't do it myself but there was a way to kill people if they were AFK. What I did towards griefers was to bind a lot of commands so that whenever they tried to grief me, I would instantly repair my car or give me full heal and teleport to them until they were ashamed and left the server. I wouldn't consider it a sin though as freeroam servers were technically giving everyone the same tools...

| And lastly I did the same to get an achievement on Starbound to get like 10 million blocks of dirts (if I remember correctly) so I used commands to spawn the maximum the game let's spawn, pick it up and instantly suicide, clearing the inventory and repeating the process for 15 minutes.

| I don't think I have a lot of gaming sins unless you count dropping masterpiece status games halfway through or right before the ending.

| >>742424
Oh, I remember this one, all the good comments I've heard is nothing like an actual vn (which is just shallow and short). Concept and backgrounds were neat tho.

| Trying to use bot whenever grinding needed. But never again cuuse I dont play any game that need grinding anymore.

| >>742528 you are playing mta? *High-five*
I do recommend play on some roleplay server honestly.. freeroam is little boring :c
My sins.. i played few /d/ games.. i was cheating in subway surf and the simpsons tapped out xd on pc.. i can't remember if i did something wrong regularly.. i found for example bug in cs:s on cs_assault, but after less than hour i stopped to using it because it was boring xd i was changing time in pc for ragnarok clicker.. it's probably all sins what i did

| >>742424 i plan too xd

| Ohh... And tried fly hacks and x-ray in minecraft from curiousity.. but it's worthless xd

| >>742661 Enjoy the descent. Be warned, it's written by the same guy who did Madoka Magicka, and well... yea...

| >>742424 >>742661 >>742731
Bro, y'all talk like playing that is a bad thing? I haven't played it myself yet, but I've only heard great things about it.

| >>742508
i'd rather be a sassy bitch that doesn't IDquote

| I pirated a game, enjoyed it and didn't buy it

| >>742768
that's it? i only bought minecraft in my gamer career

| >>742768
Been there, done that, g/u/rl. For some of us it's just the unfortunate reality. Been trying to redeem myself lately though, and I gotta say, being able to actually *buy* the games I want feels pretty good. Having no time to play all the games I've bought doesn't, though.

| >>742542 What games did you stop in?

| >>742787
Some of the most significant ones that I can remember are Final Fantasy VII, Persona 5 and Half-Life 2.
The first two were about halfway through, and the last one was, like, an hour or so before the game was over.

I really want to finish P5 though! It's just that I had to restart the game and playing half of a 100 hour game again just because of a silly mistake isn't super fun.

| I've never beat Chrono Trigger or FF6.

| >>742822
Oh, well, now that you mention it, I did drop both of those as well. I knew there was forgetting some games.

| *I knew I was

| >>742737 The sin is more like it took me so long to finally play it. mb bb.

| used money cheat in sims

| >>742905 That's more like intended rather than a sin... a sin would be to play Sims without a single attempt to kill someone. Or playing without pausing (unless you are mentally on a challenge or something)

| i played league of legends

| I like JRPG, I like story in my games. I often see Xenogear being recommended for people with my taste. So, I decided to play it.

Turned out, I didn't really like it, but I trucked along because people said the story is good. I got to the first town and they just dump all the lore. I've played a lot of JRPG, and I think that was the most text being dumped in one scene that I've ever experienced. It felt like 30 minutes of reading text boxes, I even fell asleep in the middle of it.

| The game has random encounter, but it also has a platforming element to it. So yeah, if you fail at the platforming, you have to restart and get more encounters.

Skip a bit, I dragged myself to the disc 2, and it turned into a full blown novel with some random dungeon crawling in between, because the game wasn't finished. At this point, I just don't care anymore, just finishing foe the sake of it.

Got into the end game and I couldn't beat the last boss.

| I read a guide and it suggest me to grind in a few area and try to get some equipments. I just say "fuck it" and cheated to beat the last boss.

I guess the game has a good lore/story, but I couldn't careless half of the time. It still has a common flaw of JRPG like forcing a character to join your party even if their story is done in certain chapter. Oh, it also has an obligatory useless mascot character. Never again.

| >>742782
Ain't this a mood

| >>743054
While my experience isn't with the same game, yeah, I feel this. Afterwards I made it a principle not to force myself to beat games that I just don't enjoy.

Games can be expensive, so this can sting a bit. But still, I'd rather waste my money than waste my money AND my time.

| It stings to hear about xenogears BUT I UNDERSTAND

| I've cheated my way through Pantheon of Hallownest. This place is a fucking nightmare and I've spent a tremendous amount of time trying to beat it just to see the ending. Still feel really guilty about doing so though ;-;

| I console command for infinite lockpicks in Skyrim. They probably wouldn't ever run out anyway, but I always give myself 999 lockpicks.

| >>743535
That's understandable. The lockpicking in that game is frustrating.

| I've never finished a single Zelda game, even though I've started like 6 of them

| >>742974
never again

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