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Pokemon Legends and Sinnoh remake

| I'm surprised no one have made this thread. Any thoughts on the newly announced Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl? Or the new Pokemon Legends?

The Sinnoh remake is... not what I expected, but it seems GameFreak wants to focus on making new games instead, so this is better than nothing.

Pokemon Legends looks rough from the trailer, but I like the premise so I'll wait until it's further along in development.

| I'm also shocked I haven't seen this discussed here.

I think the remakes look perfectly fine, they're clean and good looking, and seem faithful to the originals with that little twist of new stuff. I'm excited to see what they add more than anything.

All of that said, legends is what's got me going. I agree it looks rough, and definitely needs a lot of polish, but wow it's refreshing to see something different from the Pokémon franchise.

| I always say that the side games and spin offs are more interesting than the mainline games, and this really proves that.

Pokémon has always had a really heavy emphasis on mythology, and getting to see some of that stuff first hand is gonna be really really groovy.
I like how the setting looks, and I can't wait to see the way the world is, specifically seeing more wild forms of beloved Pokémon, and I'd wager some pre-evolutions of fan favourites too.

| Also holy shit the ancient Japanese inspirations behind it all.. that looks interesting and I can't wait to see that kinda shit.

| It's sad DPP fans are the ones getting the worst remake ever... I mean I understand they look great and all for new players.

But understand fans, they didn't want a remake because they wanted exactly the same game (for that you stick to a DS), they wanted a modernized good looking game and they totally lost that chance, is such a let down to think this remake looks like what a first Pokemon 3D attempt should have been, a predecessor to XY (8 years old).

| I understand Game Freak wanting to spend resources on a big project, but toying with fans is not a way to do that.

Also take in consideration this: ILCA has previously worked on Nier Automata and Dragon Quest XI, the big company is working in the small game, and the small company is working on the big project, both projects should have been swapped and not being scared to call a experimental mainline game Legends so people don't get so annoyed if it turns in a bad direction.

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Yeah, I also expected it to be to the scale of Swosh, so this is a bit disappointing. I can respect GameFreak's decision, though. They truly want to make a new game but the fans keep breathing down their neck whispering "sinnoh remake where??". So this is an okay compromise.

I just wish it's not 60 USD again, please.

And they're not "toying with fans" at all! It's the fans who've always had unrealistic expectations.

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>I just wish it's not 60 USD again, please.

| >>742446 seconding this. every single remake for the past two decades has been made using the engine of the current mainline game at the time and it's jarring that they suddenly decided to go back on this. when people were asking for a remake a remake in that vein is what they were expecting because that's the way it's always been and i find it odd how people can see bdsp and say that fans are complaining and confused for no reason.

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