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I finally finished a proper JRPG

| JRPGs are one of my favourite genres of games, but since all normal JRPGs are 30-40 hours at the bare minimum, I've never fully finished one before.

I bought XC2 when it came out, and I played it for about 13-14 hours and then just kinda dropped it. Well, I started playing it again early 2020 or late 2019 and found out that at about 15 hours in the game let's go if the training wheels and reveals the fact that it's actually an amazing game.

| I played a few hours every now and then but it's only recently I started properly playing it a lot (which made the whole Pyra/Mythra in Smash thing really fucking hype for me), and, well, I just finished it.

Idk. I just kinda wanted to document it here. I've played games for more than 60 hours before, but never a single player game.
The last few chapters and ending was amazing, and, idk. It just, feels good. It feels empty, but really fucking good. I should do this more often.

| Congrats! I've been thinking of getting Xenoblade Chronicles for a while now, but I keep putting it off because the idea of playing another JRPG daunts me. I love this genre a lot, but the number of them I've started but haven't finished is enormous.

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Yeah, it's the exact same for me. But, now that I've finally done it, I kinda wanna do it again. Idk. It took a little bit of willpower to get through such a long game, but now that I've done it, it just, it feels kinda good. It feels, like I've accomplished something. Idk. It feels more than worth it.

| Now finish elona

| I think Persona 5 was the last JRPG I played. I grew up playing them in the 90s and it basically replaced books for me. Nowadays hard to jump into but I still love them.

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Persona 5 is definitely my favourite, though I have yet to finish it. That probably would have been the first JRPG I finished if I didn't lose all save data on my PS4 when I was halfway through. It's next on my list though! It's rhe next RPG I wanna finish now that I've finally gotten a taste for finishing them.

| Why the hell did I have to like JRPGs of all genres. They're so long and there's so many of them, and there's so little free time.

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I know! It sucks! Being a JRPG fan is both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

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