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Skullgirls new season pass

| They're adding Annie to Skullgirls 2nd Encore, and a season pass with 4 new characters in total, who do you think the other 3 will be?

| Zone-tan

| Annie was all I wanted back in the day, Zone would be funny if allowed, er...

That one character that was said to be needed to finally complete the main story, and fish girl, because cute.

| Seconding fish girl/Minette both as hopeful thinking but also since she's already established in-universe etc.

| Who is making the content? I can't remember exactly how the drama unfolded with lab zero

| >>741769 let's assume Zone took direct control. Thinking that was what happened will avoid us a lot of unnecesary drama.

| >>741769 i think Autumn Games took full control of Skullgirls after Lab Zero died

| Autumn Games still owned the IP and after Lab Zero died (because of the MikeZ incident). The people that left Lab Zero formed a new company that Autumn Games is working with on SkullGirls.

Basically it's all just some long winded way to get MikeZ to fuck off

| I kinda wanna play the game but it looks like it is mostly a discord fighter which is a real bummer.

| hype af
I think the picks according to the list of possible fighters they disclosed is gon be:
-Isaac, Umbrella and Aeon (Maybe add Feng if they reach the 5th character goal and choose to continue with the barebones animations of her)
My ideal list:
Isaac, Minette and Aeon (plus Samson for 5th)

| I'm just really hoping they finally add Panzerfaust, that's gonna be *super* fun to play as or against

| As someone working on a fighting game, I love seeing enthusiasm for the genre

| >>742710 Do it fucking best g/u/rl

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