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If a game promises to have "hundreds of hours of content"

| Is your reaction "good!" or "oh god no"?

| I question what they mean by c o n t e n t.

| The quality of that content is in question. When I hear lots of quantity, I understand this as little quality, so more of the second option, but there are exceptions.

| If it's persona then yes, if it's some ubisoft shit then no. So it depends on how good game actually is

| If its monster hunter dev team or nintendo I should be giving them 99.9% trust.

| if

| good

| It was "good!" a few years back, now it's "oh god no" if the game is longer than 20-25 hours.

| Generally it's "good".

Any contebt can be good or bad. If someone asked if you would pay full price for a game that gives like a 4 hour one time experience most of us would say "no", but some of those games might be worth it to a lot of people. A game like Witcher 3 has legit hundreds of hours worth of immersive questlines and side activities that can keep you busy. This works because care is put into making teb world fun to explore and the dialogue/quests at the least amusing.

| Compare that to a dogshit title like Fallout 4 or MGS Survive where you end uo traversing the same drab environments, fighting the same boring enemies, doing the same cycle of fetch quests, mob disposal, looting and whatever absolutely repetitive crap is thrown at you.

So yeah for the most part I want a game to have more content because then I'm spending less money overall to play a game for a longer period of time.

| First make a game good then talk about content worth hours.

| Haha as someone who likes to play a variety of games, that's a definite "oh god no" to me. I prefer to keep my games short and slightly cheaper so I can play more games.

Like, I got The Witcher 3 and I love it and all, but it sure seems like I'll never see the end of the main story. That's kinda sad.

| "oh god no" for me. Like I'm terrified to play past Yakuza 3 in the series

| My reaction is "what a load of bull" lol

I value content where each level/chapter is unique and thoughtfully made. Hundred hours of content usually means a lot of padding, copy-pasted assets, and a poorly paced story that drags itself out with busywork. I hated it in Persona 5, got burnt out towards the end of Dragon Quest XI, and don't get me started on literally any open world game.

| Simulation, Story Based, Multiple Ending: Sign me up

Randomly generated: Eh... maybe?

Multiplayer, Cookie cutter quest, Reskined enemies: Into the trash it goes

| Elona

| It depends on who made it.
Atlus? I'm down. Nintendo? I'm down. Nippon Ichi? I'll never finish it, but I'm down.

Any other companies though, it's kinda sus. Not saying that other companies can't make long games that are good, but just that I'm gonna need a lot of convincing and proof of quality before I consider getting it if it's not by any of those 3.

| I guess I could add From Software to that list as well though. They're not the type to make games that they advertise like that, but for people who love those games they've got way more hours of content than any Ubisoft copy-paste.

| I feel like the odd one out here, because I enjoy the assassins creed formula and am having a blast with vallhalla.

| recently I've fallen into the oh god no category. every good game I've played has been short, cheap, and indie, the one exception being Death Stranding. I think my current plan is to just play through my steam game until kojima rel

| my steam library until kojima releases his next game lol. I'm definitely not playing more AAA before that

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