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Fire Emblem

| There. Echoes. Hard, easy, I don't know, discuss.

| Well, like I said there, Echoes is my favorite so far. But I haven't played Three Houses yet so that might change yet.

| Well, it was more of a good maps VS bad maps thing, but whatever.

Personally, I like a lot some of the maps from Radiant Dawn. Elincia's Gambit comes to mind. It limits the use of your mounted units, forcing you to rely on choke points, ranged attacks, and guerrilla tactics with your flyers. That broken sword does take a bit of credit to the map, but the crossbows being instakills make up for it.

Really does make use of the availability nightmare that is FE10.

| >>741372
With all the good things I like about Echoes I can't deny that its map design is some hot garbage. The swamps still haunt my nightmares.

| I don't really see the need to discuss it. I just like it a lot and think it's a great game. The only other FE games I've played are older ones though. I really really want to play Three Houses, but it's so expensive! I don't have the money for full price games.

| >>741377 Become a brigand, pillage a village!

| >>741378
But, that's a little mean. The villagers need their money.

| >>741379 What are the chances that a lord, a couple of cavaliers, one paladin, and an archer at the start of their journey to stop the greater evil will appear to stop you? Take the money!

>>741374 As for swamps, what comes to mind, funnilly enough, is 3-6, from Radiant Dawn. Would rather hold at the start than being mauled by tigers in the middle of a fog of war swamp chapter.

Is it as bad as that?

| >>741379 What are the chances that a lord, a couple of cavaliers, one paladin, and an archer at the start of their journey to stop the greater evil will appear to stop you? Take the money!

>>741374 As for swamps, what comes to mind, funnilly enough, is 3-6, from Radiant Dawn. Would rather hold at the start than being mauled by tigers in the middle of a fog of war swamp chapter.

Is it as bad as that?

| >>741380
No! I'm not taking the money! It's not about being stopped or not. I like the villagers here and I know their living conditions. It would be devastating for them!

| >>741383 Well, there is a 1/16th chance that this world works like FE4, and you can pillage it a bit instead of the whole thing. How about that?

| >>741385
They still need the money dummy! Even if I don't take a lot!

| Playing the Blazing blade, enjoying it so far

| As for myself, revisiting 6, 7 and 8, and also, playing 4 and 10 (big surprise, heh?). Out of those, 8 is being played on hard mode.

It's funny when I try something that works in one game and doesn't in other. Apparently, you can't steal lockpicks on 8 like you can in 6. A hard mode thing, perhaps? I want my 1/3 vulnerary back. I don't care if the Tower breaks the game's economy, it was mine!

| Wait, I'm just being stupid. Steal in the GBA games depends on Speed. Dammit.

Anyways. Sooner or later, I will have to do this, so... Amelia, General or Paladin? There is no third option.

| >>741504
I... everytime someone mentions FE games by name I have to count all the way back from 1. FE10? What's that? Uhh... If 1 is Shadow Dragon, 2 is Gaiden, 3 is Mystery, 4 is Geneology, then...

Like I'm pretty fine until Thracia (FE5). And I guess I've ballparked 8 as Sacred Stones. But everything afterwards is a blur. 10 is... uhh, 8 is Sacred Stones, then Path of Radiance, so, 10 is Radiant Dawn?

| >>741504 >>741529
How the fuck y'all brains work? Damn. I don't know the number of any of the games except for Shadow Dragon...

| >>741529
Oh whoops, when I said "by name" I mean "by number"

Idk, man. I don't know how people keep track of all these numbers. It's not even used in any official material.

| >>741550
Oh, that makes sense. You're clear then.

But, yeah. I really don't know. It's never in the names or the promo stuff or the game itself or anything.
I would say that it might be an autism trait or something if it wasn't for the fact that I have autism and only really know 4 or 5 of the games, only by name.

| I don't know, it just works. 1 is Shadow Dragon and Sword of Light, 2 is Gaiden, 3 is Shadow Dragon Book 2.

4 is Genealogy of the Holy War, and 5 is Thracia 776.

6 to 8 is easier, those are the GBA, so 6 is Binding Blade, 7 is Blazing Blade, and 8 is Sacred Stones.

9 and 10 are the Tellius games, so Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

11 and 12 are remakes of Shadow Dragon, so Mistery and New Mistery of the Fire Emblem.

| 13 to 15 is kind of hard to remember to me because I haven't played them. Awakening, Fates, and Echoes.

Lastly, 16 is the last one, Houses.

So that's it. There is some pattern there. Usually, games that are sequels to another game are next to each other.

So if I remember one of the numbers, the next or previous game is easier to remember, because is a sequel or prequel.

Gaiden and Book 2 kind of messes with this, but technically, both are sequels to Shadow Dragon.

| >>741568
Referring to them by number gets silly at some point. I keep losing track of when the remakes happen ("Is Shadow Dragon remake before or after Tellius again?") and it's just going to get worse as more games are made.

Please just stop using number and use the name instead, I'm begging you, FE community.

| >>741607
Yeah, it's, a bit much. I feel like with most people who use numbers for stuff like this some of them just do it to try to show off their knowlede, and then the other 50% of the people who use numbers do it because so many others do it.

Idk. I don't see the point in making an already kind of complicated franchise even more complicated. Like, I'm a Monogatari fan, and that's a complicated franchise. If I had to start using numbers for that franchise I'd probably throw up.

| Fine, fine, will use names.
Kind of curious about Echoes.

From what I understand, it does have a world map, like Sacred Stones. Does it run into the same problem of destroying the Exp and economy systems?

| Not that the map is what did it on Sacred Stones. It was the Tower of Valni. Specifically, Floors 1 and 3.

| >>741650
Can't really speak for the latter part as I haven't really gotten to the endgame side of things yet, but for the former, yes. It does have a world map with a bit of branching paths and sometimes getting to choose which maps to go to first or if you wanna go to shrines and shit.

| >>741650
I've never done the free battles aside from the ones I naturally encounter, and I'd say, map design aside, the level balance on Echoes is better than Sacred Stones (which I also played without grinding). Overleveling is the least of your problems, really.

There's a Tower of Valni-ish area at the end, but it's firmly postgame content.

| >>741718 So I guess it does break, but too late to matter.

The problem with the Tower in Sacred Stones is that, by chapter 11, you have access to floors 1 to 3.

Floor 3, at least on normal, has a chest with 3000 gold. Getting there should cost around 1000 gold; two iron swords and a key.

The second you get Amelia, the game has already broken.

I love Sacred Stones, as flawed as it is. Same goes to the other GBA games.

Fuck Roy.

| If I remember correctly, I did that on my first playthrough. Everyone 20/20, even Myrrh.

Like "Hey, I know this Dragonstone is kind of unique, how about you take 2000 hits instead?".

Thank god this didn't happen with the other ones. Merlinus LV20 scares me.

| >>741529 I hate it when people call FE games by numbers!! Its easy to forget. None of the FE games actually have numbers on them, and some are remakes.

If other franchises followed that naming scheme, Metal Gear Solid 2 would be Metal Gear 5, Final Fantasy VII Remake would be Final Fantasy 28 (probably), etc.

I find it easier to just say Sacred Stones, Awakening, Shadoe Dragon and the Blade of Light (or SDBL)

| >>741743 I will be annoying and say that 776 and three are indeed numbers.

You just didn't heard about the 700 Fire Emblems in between Genealogy and Thracia.

| >>741804
Also, do we count FE Heroes? It's a mobile game gacha, but it's still Fire Emblem. What number would that one be?
Also, do we count FE Warriors? The gameplay is completely different and it's made my completely different people as far as I'm aware, but it still has the Fire Emblem name and characters.
When did that one even come out, and would we count it like "X.5" since it's a non-cannon spin-off or do we just not count it since it's not mainline?
Big confusion

| Speaking of side games, what are y'all's opinions on Heroes? I played it expecting a silly gacha game but it's actually pretty dang good. I can't even say it's FE Lite anynore because it has its own tactical complexities.

| >>741969
I mentioned it in bra jokingly above, but I do genuinely love that game. Even at the very high level that I am in the game I still sort of see it as FE Lite, but I also don't? Like, it looks and controls like it was an FE Lite, but it really is just it's own thing and has a (mostly) interesting meta.

Though, as someone who's gotten their hands on one of the most broken units in the game I can say that it definitely is a bit p2w, even though I didn't spend money on it.

| Like, idk. There are two characters in the game that are just, fucking absurd. Most units, even in max level, can barely touch them unless they're high tier characters that synergize extremely well and you play super smart.

But, if you have one of those characters yourself or you're lucky enough to rarely encounter them, then the game is a really good time. The main story is super sick and there's always so much to do and has solid core mechanics and gameplay.

| >>741969 it was alright for a while, but eventually I just stopped playing FEH altogether. In fact I'm really turned off by some of the characters and banners these days.

| I enjoy Dorothea and Byleths big tits

| I will only say that the lack of RNG makes me sad. I like it when the games just decide to say fuck your strategy.

| I mean, I get it, you can't have players trapped in maps for more than 6 turns because it has to be quick burst of dopamine, but to me, the possibility of your plan failing is part of what makes FE... FE.

| >>742085 It's also fun to plan ahead of that failure too! The mark of a good strategist is to think several steps ahead, even a plan B for when a unit has a 1% chance to miss.

| >>742085 >>742133
I agree! It's a lot of fun when a map can go on for, like, a really long time and you really gotta think about that shit. Who to place where, every little percentage, how the AI is going to react to the different placements and use that to think multiple turns ahead. It's such a satisfying thing to go through!

But at the same time I understand the other side of it as well though, as quick dopamine just feels nice.

It's like XC versus FF. Both have their place.

| >>742133 I really want to mention Clausewitz on complex plans.

>"The world has a way of undermining complex plans. This is particularly true in fast-moving environments. A fast-moving environment can evolve more quickly than a complex plan can be adapted to it. By the time you have adapted, the target has changed."

So yeah, make your plans as flexible as posible, or lose your waifu to reinforcements.

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