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Is it weird...

| that I'm kinda hoping for a Halo collection on Switch? I know it won't happen, but like, for some reason I really want it.

| You are not the only one, I in fact think it would fit perfectly and it's the only Online game I would pay NSO for. Who knows, I'm already expecting more MCC than the stupid Zelda Duology rumored for 4 years now.

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Yeah, exactly! It would be perfect. Both single player and multiplayer Halo would be great on Switch as long as they port it well.

| Isn't the servers pretty dead though?

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The normal Halo servers might be, but the servers if it came to Switch would probably be very active.

The closest thing the switch has to a proper multiplayer FPS (aside from Overwatch and soon Apex), is the rushed and not that well designed multiplayer thing in DOOM.

Halo is more child friendly than something like CoD, and it would be the first "normal" multiplayer FPS on Switch. The servers would probably pop off like crazy if they made a proper port.

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The Nintendo Switch has plenty of "child unfriendly" titles, not the least of which is Doom 2016 itself.

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I'm explaining why I think the servers would be active on Switch.

The reason I mentioned child friendly is because Switch for a lot of younger people is a family console, and I feel like parents who care about age ratings would be more willing to give their younger kid Halo than CoD or Battlefield or some.
Slightly more protective parents are a pretty big audience for, well, Nintendo consoles, so, I think that point genuinely matters for how popular it'd be.

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