What's happening with the sonic games?

| No news, teasers, titles or anything despite talk of a big game announcement in 2021. I get taking time on a game but zero promotion is not good and makes me feel thiers nothing in the works or god forbid another forces rushed out last minute

| Maybe the SONIC BOOM is over ~(˘▽˘~)

| >>741310 Due to the pandemic probably they had to delay whatever it's in the works. Before covid there would be a new annoucement every month on 2020 suggesting a game trailer.
Anyhow not having news about Sonic games for more than a year isn't something new. I remember I felt like you before Lost World was announced, I felt there was never going to be a new Sonic game ever.
Still, there is promotion around Sonic. Movie (fuck) comic, merchandising

Better no hype than rushed games.

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