I just got a ps4

| Life is good living in the past

| We're still getting new PS4 games this year, so you're all good g/u/rl. I still boot mine up especially for the backlog I built up.

| Play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim for me.

| Play elona for me

| What game worth playing in PS5 anyways... I feel like everyone is getting it and let it collect dust.

| >>741332 Minecraft and Sonic Mania.

| >>741332 that happend with te beginning of the PS4, and look how it goes.
Give the PS5 a little of time, it will surprise you. (I guess...)

| >>741255 I love 13 Sentinels!! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves scifi and plot twists.

>>741345 Can confirm, I never got my PS4 until the 4th year since its launch. Idk if I'll get PS5 though. I'll likely pick it up if enough games running 120fps interest me.

| >>741359 Is there really a need for 120 fps? I tried in the past to play around fps on Unity and I can't notice a difference starting from 80 fps. (apart from game reading more code which is useful for... nothing really, well maybe more precise inputs)

| >>741360 I never understood the difference either but it has nore to do with precise input than what you can actually see. Like spinning around a shooting would have closer precision to what you perceive you're shooting at

| >>741345 but the difference is that there's no pandemic and stock shortage when PS4 was released.

People get in line to buy their PS4, some even sleep on the line. I already find that hards to believe, but now people be lining for a day and they still don't get to buy PS5, price skyrocket and people still buying it for... what? playing rereleased PS4 games?

| >>741516
Do you really do 120 precise inputs every second of a game though? I honestly feel like 120fps really isn't useful for anything. It's just a number that's two times higher than the standard. 80fps or 90fps I get because some people notice that it's not irl type smooth when it's under that because of genetics and shit, but over 100? Idk.
Maybe I'm just cynical.

| >>741551 I'm totally with you as I basically get motion sick with anything over 60fps. 30fps is honestly perfect for me. But as a game designer higher framerate has higher precision. Like animations have fuller frames. This plays a factor when shooting at targets that are moving around. It's hard to explain with words.

| >>741564
Well, yeah. I know that. I've been involved with game development and talk regularly with a few part-time and full-time developers. But over 60-100fps is just, unnecessary? Like, yeah, technically it makes the games more precise, but not really to a point where it's really worth it? Like, even pro players won't feel much of a difference between 100, 110 and 120, because it's such a miniscule difference and at those numbers it starts going past, like, human comprehension.

| I'd much much much rather have 120fps than """"8k"""" at 10fps when barely anyone owns a 4k display

| >>741649 I'm stuck at 1366x768 on my laptop and I'm okey with it, except when some games and programs don't specially support lower than 1080p so everything is like Zoom in. (it's as easy as having two variables to scale everything, but noooo)
Then there is Stardew Valley which I really don't understand on what screen size was it designed. 1366x768 doesn't let too much zoom out. 1080 makes some zones look 4:3.

| My Tv is 1080p, but 10 years old, 3D games don't look that good even on Ultra. Or at least I want to believe it looks bad because it's a 10 years old TV.

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