BOTW is a wow moment for me

| I missed it when it was hype.

Anyone else played it and thoughts?

| I've beaten the game before. I like that it's designed around player discovery and emergent gameplay. I hope the sequel comes out soon enough, I wanna see its sandbox systems deepened further.

| I loved the game on release even though I didn't like this Link and this Zelda. Tried to replay it this year, but I can only feel that the game is poorly aging for many reasons I won't tell because I don't want to spoil it to you, the game is good, but can only see that whenever the Sequel comes out everyone will hate Botw.
I wish the kept making updates for the long wait, not just a poor hd remaster of a game 40€ cheaper on Wii U...

| No idea what >>54b910 is saying. I only beat the game last year and it was still a fantastic game.

| >>740820
>game is poorly aging
Excuse me, what?

| I think it's an amazing game!
I got through about half of it not long after it's release, but then some stuff happened and I couldn't play games for a while so I dropped it. Picked it back up a year or two later, beat it, loved it, amazing game.

Last year a couple of my friends were playing BotW for the first time or were picking it back up after having gotten stuck or similar, so I picked it up again and played through some DLC content and side quests. Still absolutely amazing.

| Oh, and then there's the master mode. I haven't played super much of that one, but it's really cool. Whereas normal BotW is a pretty chill game, playing it on master mode makes it very intense and you get to really feel how important it is to be careful with your weapons and resources.

Like an intense survival game almost, but with a huge open world with stuff everywhere, and there's even more stuff to find in master mode! Lot's of master mode exclusive chests and stuff.

| >>740828 >>740873 you can't enjoy the game the same as the first time playing it after knowing everything, I could post 10 full comments on the many faults the game has and the many QoL changes it needs but I prefer not to spam and spoil a great game.

All I'm saying, if Botw 2 is a sandbox, and it isn't a copypaste without balance, many wouldn't want to go back to Botw 1.

| >>740889 I think we haven't played the same game haven't we? What else there is apart from rupies, minerals and weapons to make those chests worth?
Reminder that Master mode was introduced alongside dlc armors which breaks the whole game in an intended way, Majora Mask makes weapons even worthless, unless you are onto farming enemies's loot, which only purpose is to obtain things Majora's Mask already does.

| >>740913
Okay? Then don't buy the DLC or don't use DLC items? My man, nobody is forcing you. I just explained that I like the game and why I like it. You got a problem with that?

| >>740930 You didn't get at all what I was saying. First of all, I asked you about what do you find on those chests different than normal mode, secondly, I'm leaving a reminder that Master Mode and these overpowered gears are included in THE SAME pack, not saying how you play, how the fuck you want but explain why do you think Master mode is rewarding apart from being harder.

| >>740943
Because it's harder, cunt. That's what a hard mode is for, is it not?
I enjoy playing the game with harder enemies and more chests. It's as simple as that.
You done with your tantrum now? You ready to accept that not everyone has the same taste as you?

| >>62c870 >>54b910
Okay calm down you two. If you want to continue this discussion take it elsewhere.

I mean... "knowing everything" must have taken a very long time already. Maybe it's not that the game "age poorly", you've just drained it.

Personally I will not mind if BotW2 has the same mechanics, but take place somewhere different/in the same places with significant changes.

| >>740966 I agree, if they feel like they did everything than the game didnt age badly it just ran out of content which is expected.

I have 159 hours into the game so Im still exploring(just koroks tho) the funniest thing to do is screw around and master some impressive moves, Ive seen som pro player videos and the amount of tech and cancels you can do expands the moveset so much that link can faight like an action rpg character

| Mastering the combat for this game is fun, yall really should search for some advanced gameplay

| Genshin impact for boomer

| >>740962
Question: What do you find interesting in those chests to make master mode worth?
Answer: Because it's harder you cunt

Are you dumb? do you need an specialist to teach you how to think for yourself?
>>740966 I'm not discussing I'm just asking, but this g/u/rl is keeping a discussion with some imaginary dragonfly.

| >>740966 what I meant by it's aging poorly, it's slowly and barely noticable. I'm noticing lot of lag issues I didn't notice on 2017 and I even made the game froze for seconds just falling to Zora's Domain. Maybe it's something wrong with my Switch or latest patches. But yeah I consider I drained it, I no longer pick any weapon under 40 power for example and only use them in boss fights.

| I feel I played lot of the rest of Zelda games and will still play them, but with Botw I feel I want to skip so many things. Which then I can't because I want always to complete 120 shrines before Master Sword. But story locks some of them. Yeah I have found a limit in content, but I feel there is something else missing.
Yeah advanced techniques are really cool, even though I'm so dumb I can't perform the bomb fly or the shield bounce ones.

| >>741061
Huh, I'm pretty sure you're just burned out from the game. Having a completionist itch before you get the Master Sword is... well, I'm not going to say there's a right or wrong way to play the game, but I'd say it's not an ideal mindset to have.

BotW is massive and it's deliberately designed so you don't have to see everything.

| >>741059
I told you my own thoughts...
Why do I need to think the same thing as you to be viewed as not brain-dead?
Also, stop intentionally taking my answers out of context please. I answered your last question. I don't care about answering every little thing because I said why I liked it in my first post.
I'm sorry for having a different opinion and not being burnt out on the game, and also for liking DLC items I guess.

| christ this thread is filled with children

| >>741088
Welcome to the internet, let me take your coat. Come in, grab a seat.

| >>741067 Do you know what a question mark is? I only made 1 question to you, three times, and the three times you didn't answered it and acussed me of forcing x and y when I only said z. Read before answering. Or shut up and ignore it already.

| >>54b910 >>62c870
Both of you, stop.

| >>741116
Yeah, I apologize. I'm done.

| I have always viewed botw as the worst game in the series. It just seems extraordinarily lazy in its world design and there isn't anything to do. The best part about it is combat/environment experimentation but I'm unable to do that due to weapons breaking near instantly.

| BoTW does suck in some aspects but I think it was an enjoyable experience. It had breathtaking views and enemies, I enjoyed just looking at the sunset.

| I have always viewed botw as one of the best game in the series. It just seems extraordinarily detailed in its world design and there is so much to do. The best part about it is the weapons breaking constantly making you change your gamestyle all the time, and always learning that you can have an infinite number of approaches to fight, or puzzle or anything.

>>741433 sorry dude, but my thoughts were youra inverted :P

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