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| I have this NDS that I've had for years and it still works perfectly fine (had the battery changed though because the old one was bloated). Got any suggestions for games to play?

| The World Ends With You

| >>740424
cringy-ass edgy tween story and arthritis-inducing controls, nice

| >>2706fd arthritis-inducing controls

nds games lmao

| >>1da3bd I do have The World Ends With You on my R4 card but I never touched it for some reason

| Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and mainline games, Phoenix Wright, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and mainline games, both Kingdom Hearts, N+ (great platformer hidden gem), MiniNinjas, Sonic Rush+Rush Adventure+Colors, Profesor Layton, Custom Robo Arena, Animal Crossing (If you have no newer console like 3DS or Switch), Rayman DS (It's Rayman 2), Mario 64 DS, 999, Phantasy Star Zero, Megaman Zero Collection & ZX, Sims Urbz

| And 2 Fighting games if you like anime and fighting games, Jump Ultimate Stars and Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butoden, you would need them English Patched though.

| The two FE games there have an "acquired taste" artstyle to put it nicely, but they're good

| Huh. I'm struggling to think of a DS game that hasn't yet been ported to newer systems.

NDS was golden age for Pokemon games. HGSS and B/W. Also Pokemon Rangers have pretty wild stories. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon were great. Pokemon Conquest?

Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory, Time Hollow.

Etrian Odyssey 3. 1 and 2 have 3DS port, 3 is still DS-only.

Rhythm Heaven, WarioWare DS, Elite Beat Agents

| >>740424
Seconding. TWEWY is absolutely wonderful and the DS gameplay is still the superior way to play. I will not budge on this.

| >>740551
I third it. Coordinating two characters to work together from both screens is part of TWEWY's theme. The ports take away what makes it fun and unique.

| forgive 8 year old me plebeian taste, but i remember liking picross ds, meteos and pokemon link. mario & luigi partners in time was very dark, it kinda freaked me out sometimes.

lego rock band was pretty cool because you didn't need a special controller, and you could play sum 41 in too deep with brian may playing guitar in a pirate ship while fighting a giant octopus.

and the most underrated game for me it's (drum roll) tingle's rosy rupeeland!

| >>740499 Yeah, I would rather play Fire Emblem 3 than 11 because of the graphics, but think about... Erh... That couple of new characters that probably are in the game?

As for 12, one can just gacha their way through Heroes to get the better looking Clarisse and Katarina.

Remind me to make a FE thread. Love the series.

| Oh oh, I know. 999/Zero Escape.

| Lunar Knights is also pretty sweet

| >>0db66f Oh fuck Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, and Time Hollow were my favorites when I was a kid. I still come back to them every now and then (and I'm currently replaying Cape West, good stuff)

| >>279a1d Thank you for reminding me that I still haven't finished that lmao, gonna come back to that soon

| >>279a1d >>8c4211n and by "that" I mean 999/Zero Escape, I'll check out FE as well

| Chrono Trigger

| >>740768 If you don't mind the art style, go for FE11, then FE12.

If you do, then either FE8, or FE9 and then FE10.

| I only ever played advance games on my brother's DS. I was more a PSP guy myself.

| Oh, oh. Solatorobo! My memory is getting worse by the second.

| >>740939 I remember a lot that name but never played it, it's like I liked how it sounds. Probably I got it from magazines

| Oh wait how did I forgot to mention Kirby Super Star Ultra, the best Kirby game ever made!

| The Prof Layton games are so beautiful.

| Oookay here we go
7th Dragon (fan-translated "classic" JRPG)
Advance Wars (both)
Castlevania (all 3 are great)
Infinite Space (niche weird JRPG)
Luminous Arc (okay SRPG)
Monster Tale (cute little platformer)
Okamiden (Okami but smol)
Picross 3D
Rune Factory 3 (Harvest Moon but fantasy with actual combat)

Everything else has already been mentioned pretty much, I'm just gonna second Etrian Odyssey because it's THAT good. 3 is the most advanced, but 1 is still my favorite.

| Elona

| Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
I've seen people talk shit about this one before, but it's personally my favourite entry in the series. It doesn't have the weapon triangle and it uses HP for spellcasting and similar, and that's exactly how I like it. On top of that it has really good maps, solid story and good characters. I highly recommend it if you like SRPGs or want to give them a try.

Majora's Mask & Ocarina of Time
I mean, they're classics for a reason, yeah?

| >>741204 I don't think OP is gonna like SoV if they're a veteran of SRPG. That game is pretty easy and simplistic.

Anyway, I recommend Final Fantasy Tactics A2 instead.

| >>741204
Those are 3DS games, this thread is about NDS games. SoV is probably my favorite FE though, although I haven't played Three Houses yet.

>calls SoV easy and simplistic
>recommends FFTA2 instead
That's... I don't even know what to say to that...
FFTA2 is really good as well, but it's more about micromanaging equipment/stats and breaking the game with job combos than any actual tactics/strategy.

| >>741204
>Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
>it has really good maps

Whatever it is that you're smoking, I want it.

Also g/u/rl, you might want to reread the title of the thread again.

| >>741240 >>741241
Oh, shit. Sorry. I get that shit mixed up because I play NDS and 3DS games on the same system, you know?
My apologies.

| >>741277
I mean, would probably make sense to expand to 3DS games as well, I think a lot of people play DS games on 3DS as well. And we've almost exhausted all good DS games already anyway, save for some select hidden gems maybe.

| >>741290
That's true, that's true. I haven't read the entire thread but just in the first few posts I saw, like, 30+ games listed.

| Well, I could make that Fire Emblem thread and we could continue the whole Echoes thing over there. See ya.

| Anyone who talks shit on shadows of valentia is the same kind of person who likes the waifu sim fire emblems that are turn your brain to piss. Shadows of valentia has an amazing difficulty curve and has ACTUAL thought put into it's mechanics. It's the only good fire emblem game in years

| >>740435 when I forgot to mention the game I have been playing lately every day all day.
Disgaea 1, in my opinion the best tactical RPG on DS with so much amount of content you wouldn't normally see on a DS game. Then there is the grindy part, not necessary but add a LOT of play time.

| >>741438 Sorry that you're dumb enough to need actually think in baby's first tactics game. Now go lick the frosting off the cup cakes just like the other brats who never played anything other than Fire Emblem.

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