Dota 2 animated series

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??? ???

| Maybe I'm out of touch, but I never got the impression it was DOTA until the logo appeared. I assumed it was a Monster Hunter anime

| Fuck Netflix

| That sounds cringe af tbph

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That kinda just speaks to how bland and generic it really is.

Seeing the male lead immediately made me think "Guts, but kid friendly."

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"Darn you, Griffith! I can't believe you fired everyone in the Band and even publically made fun of Casca just for a promotion!"

"Heh...nothing personnel, Guts. Now go, my minions of darkness!"

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same for me

| Dota 2 trash, steal so many money and time, real life, gf, dota 2 steal so many from this world

| why does the animation look shit

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bc businesses are cheap af and outsource to the cheapest korean or chinese animation firm most likely

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