Nintendo Direct on 02/17

| It's been a while (10 months without a proper one, not thematic or mini) and looks like it will be roughly 50 minutes.

Any hopes for new games or ports?

The description talks about a focus on SSBU and games coming on the first half of 2021, and not counting February games, there aren't many known games coming to fill those 50 minutes... Unless a Fire Emblem game fills 20 mins of it again (please god not) so who knows!

| Don't care much about SSBU. I'm all for a new FE game though, hopefully the next one will be something more like Echoes was. Also news on BOTW 2 when.

| Forget Fire Emblem, I want a port of Tactics Ogre!

| I expect nearly nothing

| >>739380 Correction: Last Nintendo Direct was actually on 2019, so it's been a year and 10 months

>>739421 In reality me too, but already been on the whell of not expecting nothing and still getting dissapointed.
I'm just expecting some third party annoucements and Disgaea 6 release date

| Low-key hoping for the Switch release of Genshin Impact, please don't bully me.

Also SMT V release date maybe? And they'll probably mention Bravely Default II. Maybe confirmation for The Great Ace Attorney too?

BotW2 and new Fire Emblem would be fantastic but I think they're saving those for bigger events.

| Hello Nintendo, I want to cancel my Fighter Pass purchase

| Not meant to be toxic, glad people got the character they wanted, but I'm disgusted on to how much hate Xenoblade fans try to throw to any other franchise and this will give them 1 more chance... sorry

| The Direct was hella wack. Not one thing to get me excited. Weak.

| >>739978
I didn't even know that was a thing, and I'm a fan of XC2. Maybe it's because I don't use Twitter and stuff?

I'm personally just fucking hype for Pyra/Mythra. I always love seeing more RPG reps in Smash, and one of my favourite characters from a game I really like? I'm really happy about it :)

| Rex got the morgana treament lol

| >>739999
That's what he deserves.

| >>739975
I don't understand why people would buy Fighter's Pass if they don't know what they're going to get. It's not the like package deal go away after all the fighters are released. Only reason I can think of is if you like the game so much, you don't care what you're going to get.

But then why get mad whenever there's a figher reveal?

| I'm happy Outer Wilds is getting to Switch. Been holding off getting it on PC because I'm afraid my PC's too potato for it. On the other hand, I've never been able to play first-person game with controllers, so maybe I'll skip this one too if it doesn't have motion control. Shame.

Other than that, reasonably hyped for Triangle Tactics or whatever they name that. I love Octopath's aesthetic and I love tactics RPG and I love medieval fantasy politics nonsense. My kind of game.

| Splatoon 3 looks intriguing but it seems like it's still going to be mainly multiplayer battle, which makes me worry for Splatoon 2. I absolutely do not want to pay another 60 bucks just to continue playing the same game.

| >>740034 splatoon 1 is still has servers running the only thing you will have to worry is the lack of splatfests

| yeah and splatoon 2 has still been pretty active even with the "last splatfest" being a while ago
im very excited to see what they add in splatoon 3. also hoping they move the story mode more in the direction that octo expansion was going more than a huge tutorial feel (even though it was still a fun tutorial)

| >>740032 Was a joke but literally the only thing I got it was because of Steve and Sephiroth and I consider it worth even if I'll never touch the other characters. I just noticed a thing. They are treating this duo as 2 characters for some reason. https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/79-80.html

| >>739989 I felt kind of the same. I mean I felt "oh yeah so many great new games" but not for me. I always though I would be excited with a Skyward Sword HD port, but all I can feel after it's announcement is "Okey, now I can keep playin SS on my Wii"
>>740033 I love what they are trying with so many tactic factors... but the graphics aren't appealing to me
>>740034 looks like they both will live together in some form so people can still go back to Splatoon 2 at any point.

| >>740092
Hmm. I mean, that makes sense story wise, and even though they're two characters they only take up the space of one, so, just some extra bit of flavour it seems like.

Triangle Tactics looks sick! I'm actually writing this while waiting for the demo to be downloaded. I really, really hope this is good.

I think Splatoon 3 looks pretty sick, and hopefully it has more than enough extra/unique content to be worth being a separate game.

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