Baba Is You

| Me and a friend played this game together while we were waiting to go somewhere and we almost came late to this thing we'd been waiting 6 months for because we didn't want to put it down.

It's the first game I've played that's fully a puzzle game that I've had a lot of fun with.

It's such a mindfuck type of game where the solution is usually very unexpected, but when you realise that the solution is to become the wall while crabs can float and rock is win, you feel like a genius.

| It gets really meta and really fucking hard later on though.

| I played the first few levels of baba is you after it came out and dismissed it as another slightly too easy puzzle game. but upon my second attempt, holy shit, these puzzles get mindblowing. it has a good balance between adding new mechanics and actual difficulty increase.

some game reviewers talked about it like a basic-programming-learning game. I thought that was just flat out wrong. but now I realize I've been thinking about how the blocks are programmed to solve puzzles.

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Yeah! Exactly!
The only reason we continued past the first few level was because I made it entertaining by fucking around in the first levels, but then it started getting really interesting.

I haven't finished the game since I haven't played it after the session I described in original post, but, it's still sick.

Also, yeah. As someone who's done a fair bit of programming, this very much reminds me of that, but it's actually fun.

| That game is trip, really cool meta story telling, a bit under appreciated in my opinion

| Definetly seems like I missed a rare gem here

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It's never too late to check it out!

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