Does Deus Ex worth the price?

| I mean it's pretty cheap rn on steam but i'm afraid it's only one of those "cult" games who end up being extremely boring. Does it worth the time/money?

| The original one is great but a bit dated, Human Revolution/Mankind Divided are slightly less good but noticeably modernized.

| I've only played Human Revolution, but that shit slaps. I'm not huge into immersive sims but that's one of the rare games that I've finished and still come back to.

I've heard that the newest one, Mankind Divided, is just a worse and less interesting Human Revolution, and what I've seen of it seems to support that.

The old ones are supposedly amazing, but probably pretty clunky, and there's a less combat and more systems.

| Definitely.

| Og deus ex is pretty good, the player character J.C Denton has a good amount of funny lines, there is a handful of community mods that aim to change the gameplay a bit as well and it might be worth checking those and seeing if they float your goat

| Its a classic and its themes are great. Just because its old doesn't make it bad

| original Deus Ex has old school charm while still having very relevant themes. there's a bunch of mods out there that modernize the graphics and gameplay too so I highly recommend it

| You guys convinced me to play the first game. I played Human Revolution which was better than I expected.

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