What do you think it would take for Digital Extremes to put new life into warframe?

| New mission types? An overhaul of some system? Not balancing high end content around having a Riven?

| Selling the property to a different developer, however that has about as much chance as Dirty Bomb being revived.

| Nothing, that game should have ended years ago. DE and WF community staff is full of lolcows that are incompetent as fuck

| i would only go back if they reverted the void drops. i miss farming endlessly in the void, wave after wave....

| Fire their community facing staff/mods and make the game much less grindy

| >>738038 this though

| >>737951 man i miss playing proxy.

| >>738765

same ngl

| make warframe ii tbh. pretty much every main system needs a refresh

| Warframe II: War

| >>738844

Why make a second game when the first generates so much income for so little effort?

| >>739072 they could release a version of warframe that is nothing BUT slightly more expensive than necessary character customization and put in even less effort

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