Should I get Ghost of Tsushima?

| The game caught my eye for the photo mode alone. Just wondering what everyone here has to say about it. Sell me on it and if it's worth $60 or if I should wait for a price drop!

| I've heard it's gorgeous and has fantastic gamefeel and Jim Sterling swears by it so thats good enough for me. Think I'll snag it along with Hellblade next pay.

| Game's quite fun, and you can play at your own pace depending on the difficulty. If you're a trophy/achievement hunter you won't have to worry about missing anything either too. Landscapes are something to make you stop what you're doing and take in the environment too. Also there's their co-op Ghost of Tsushima Legends; which is fun as well since it's PvE along with a raid.

| I always wait for a price drop >_>

| Well they did do a price job last week, for digital downloads though. Was about 90% so it was about 34 or 35 dollars .3.

| Update: I bought the game. Wow it looks and feels good to play.

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