I fucked up hard and bought Dissida NT

| see I loved the shit out of the original on PSP (still play it) and wrongly assumed NT was more of the same. My dumb ass didnt do any research or even play the free demo and now I'm out 30 buck and pissed at this frankly insulting mess lol

least I got other stuff in the sale

| FF dissidia is the only good ff game anyway

| I did that too a year ago.


| Wait so NT isn't anything like the PSP Dissidia??

| >>729970

battle feels way less intuitive and disorienting, particularly with 3v3 combat and dorced lock-on, you cant customize your moves past like two moves with huge cooldown, the rest of the moveset is fixed. There's no Moogle mail, no equipment and therefore no modular stat boosts, no collectibles, and no story mode let alone individual stories for each character

Do NOT waste money on this arcade port

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