Y'all ever think about how weird our genres are?

| Like, we can see a game labeled "metroidvania" or "roguelike" or "shoot-em-up" and immediately know what those words mean.

Imagine someone who only have a passing understanding of gaming looking at those tags. "Soulslike? So is it like... poetry?"

| I guess it's kinda annoying having to re-explain what a genre mean to a fps/rpg game playing only friends everytime i talk about it.

| And then you have shit like roguelike, roguelite, or rouglite-like that even fans of the genre find confusing

| Ah roguelite-like, or TeKe, for short... Wait what?

| Well, for terms like Soulslike and Roguelike, it's when we compare it to a particular game. In those cases, it's the games Dark Souls and Rogue.

Metroidvania I find to be a much stranger term. I know it refers to Metroid and Castlevania, but there's already a term that's literal and makes more sense to label: search-action games. Theyre simply action games where you search for tools, upgrades, especially while backtracking maps.

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>search-action games
Hmmm, not as catchy. And anyway, metroidvania is also defined by 2D interconnected rooms in a single map (as opposed to separate levels). Never really thought of it as a game where you search for tools either. The tools are just the means for map traversal, which is where the fun is.

It's a fun term with a lot of things packed in it. I find it fascinating that specific terms like that can arise.

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And I feel roguelike as a genre has transcended its Rogue base too. It's a collection of mechanics containing permadeath, randomly generated levels, and expectation that you'll die often and start over often. Rogue is a dungeon-crawling roguelike.

| J-rpg are getting bigger and bigger yet people dont know what they mean by it

Fps has always been confused with tps

| Honestly I don't like roguelike and metroidvania genres to describe other games. Seems dismissive and heavily belittles new games.

| It's not really weird tbh it's vernacular, jargon. If you never heard of tennis and someone said "oh man I destroyed 40-love" you'd probably wonder wtf they meant

I do see what you mean tho the evolution of language is v interesting

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What do you g/u/rls think of the term "JRPG"? It's a weird one.
Personally, I hate how some people use it to encompass every rpg made in Japan, even if that is the literally phrasing. You wouldn't call Dark Souls a JRPG. If you do, what's wrong with you? It doesn't deserve to be its own unique tag if that's the case.

For me it's any game that a emulates the style of old DQ or FF games. It's gotta be turn based

The term itself is archaic anyway

| >>729910 cant say I disagree

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Oh my god I could literally write a whole thesis on JRPG. There's a lot that defines it: how it's about specific characters instead of player-as-character, how it's thematically about a group banding together instead of a single person, a lot, but it is a specific thing.

And it absolutely does not have to be turn-based! Tales of games are extremely JRPG and they're all action-based!

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Yep. Thats why "turnbased" and "action" rpgs are separate. To me a jrpg is literally an rpg made in Japan first and foremost. That they have many similar tropes is a reflection of that culture. The mechanics themselves are not dissimilar from any western tabletop rpgs after all. I would argue it comes down to a question of whether these games follow the mechanics of statistical growth and attack values, whether fixed or rng based.

| Players that are new can just go and watch some youtube vidoes explaining the difference between sub-genre that they don't know. They don't need an in depth knowledge, because they'll learn it as they play more games. You gurls are making it too big of a deal.

| For a second I read the subject as 'genes' not 'genres' and was very confused.

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>they'll learn it as they play more games
Well yes, video game genres have meanings not immediately apparent from the name... that's... the whole point of this thread...

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