The 2B mod for Devil May Cry 5 is pretty cool

| Maybe, she is the storm that is approaching... Provoking...

| All mods with 2B are pretty cool

| 2B's overrated

| >>729684 you clearly haven't played NieR Automata

| I love 2B, but she is kinda overrated. A2, now she's really something.

| >>729784

| like lets see:

2B: frankly shit leader with no outstanding feats relative to other YoRHa, refuses to insepect the festering mess around her, eventually succumbs to a virus

A2: surprisingly capable leader that managed to survive a full scale aerial assault and a mountain the size of a small city being literally nuked to dust, has an actual reason to be kind of cunty, clearly higher specs despite being an older model

| >>729822 yeah but 2Bs ass is out all the time

| >>729889
Tru but you gotta splody and never fast travel. I do like her down triangle with bare fists.

A2 is pretty scanty at all times herself tho which is nice. Plus shed ride you like a crackhead, 2B would just lie there and be like "i dont see how this is pleasurable for you but whatever"

| >>729937 if by "ride you like a crackhead" you mean that she'd stab you in the chest, you're probably right lul

| >>729949
it can be both :)

| >>729889 ass out makes all the g/u/rls happy

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