Your thoughts on Monster Hunter Rise

| The demo and a bunch of weapons trailers and monsters were revealed are out so express your opinions on the topic

| Haven't try it, only seen videos. I'm just not feeling it with this mandatory grapple hook thing (looks fun, useful and exploitable) and voice acting while playing, love everything else, feels like a proper MH game, but these two things makes me not wanna play it.

| >>729084 you can disable voice acting, it gives thay option at the start, from what Ive played, the wire bug doesnt seem obligatory but its very convenient for mobility, you can reach most areas by climbing and running normaly and no important area(moster fighting area) seems to require wire bug to use

| Haven't downloaded the demo yet because the eshop crashed last I tried lmao. Downloading it now

| The frame rate is big yikes, but that's to be expected of a Switch. And the visuals are two steps down from World, but that's also a given. Everything else is really-really cool though. The combat is a little too hectic now, however, and the seems to be a bit too cluttered, but maybe both those things just take a little getting used to.

| >>729111it should be fine to download it now, a hole day has passed since the launch

| I absolutely love the demo so far. Frame rate is meh but I can look past it. Also two hunters cannot fight each other while riding monsters. It doesn't let you damage each other.

| So uhhh apparently the demo is only meant for Monster Hunter veteran, huh? I never played Monster Hunter before and I tried it and I have NO IDEA how to play. There's a tutorial, but it only gives movement instructions and not a single thing about actually fighting?

| >>729149 well if you goo in hunter's notes you will see weapon insteuctions, readem and testem out.

If you can dodge, swap itens, sheeth and unsheeth your weapon you are good to start, in monster hunter you have to go out of your way to get good, most games are not very begginer friendly, except monster hunter world and it is still hard to get in

| Like if you really wanna know stuff, watch videos on basically any game(controls are mostly the same), go to the exploring quest where you can just walk around an not fight any large momsters and test the weapons, give all of them a try and see what you can get the most out of.

Tbh, looking back I can see why some drop the game at the start, its a bit hard

| >>729149 I'd recommend you to start with sword and shield. Pretty much everyone I know started with it including me. Once you get a grasp of how combat works test out other weapons to see which one you like. Don't worry too much about wire bug stuff for now. Like>>729151 says, generally monster hunter isn't too beginner friendly and you pretty much have to do research on your own. If you got other questions I'm sure I or someone else here can help.

| >>729169 I forgot to mention if you want some basic weapon guides, check out gaijin hunter and arekkz. From what a friend has told me, the weapons generally play the same as the ones from monster hunter world. So just look at the monster hunter world guides for now.

| Hunting horn is simplified now, kinda neat

| >>729205 and it is way faster, with absurd range thanks to sound wave moves, playing the songs got super stream lined and the buffs the songs give are still good as hell.

As a IG main I might become a HH main cuz the weapon is very cool to use and I somehow play it really well

| I main GL and I'll say guardpoint to wyrmstake is a gamechanger for me I love it. The only thing that bothered me so far is all the visual clutter combined with the fast pace in multiplayer means it gets hard to tell what's even happening sometimes.

| Ive been thinking for a while, if the monster are this fast and agile to be able to keep up with the hunters(rise demo mizu feels like its in between gen ult high rank and g rank mizu), I wonder how the endgame will be and the speed at wich monster move and attack

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