I just got Ending E of Nier and

| Im actually crying holy shit

this game isnt perfect hut it deserves all the hype and more

| One of my most favorite endings ever, and proof that video games can do things that are impossible elsewhere for their stories. I'm proud to say I deleted my save data to help a stranger.

| >>728893

I had played through 6 times at that point (twice for each route so I could make every choice) and didnt expect E to come out of D. Then I got so frustrated at the cresits and then I finally swallowed my pride and hit 'network' and I broke man i fucking started crying

| Tfw ive maxed the game and it took me so many hours but I got every achievement. I showed this to my female friends and they congratulated me. They got me this game for bday. I wonder how they knew...

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