How has your taste in games changed?

| I'm curious about what you g/u/rls like or dislike about gaming, and how its any different from years ago.

| I've gotten more interested in older games, played through Morrowind and daggerfall this year for example

| Graphics keep getting better despite my belief that it won't, but that turned me off from them more than anything because many feel more like a cinematic series with filler material in-between. Not that I have anything against stories, it's just AAA stories tend to be shit, so I just play indies where the devs know what they want their game to be instead of ham-fisting every mechanic in an open-world map where most of what you do is just look at how pretty the place is.

| First love single player games, like zelda, mass effect, dark souls,etc. Now I cant stop playing lol, aoe2, battlefront 2, osu, valorant. All because I have more friends that play games and have discord or ts.

| I'm kind of tired of video gaming. I think I'm growing out of the hobby.

| >>727869 pretty much this. I've always been more into indies ever since Shovel Knight. It's actually one of the first games I remember beating and having fun with, so I love pixel graphics and chip tune. Hand drawn style indie games also get me going. That said I do have a good collection of big games on my ps4 like Yakuza 0 and Nier Automata. Big is good if they have a defined aim, indies tend to be good no matter what.

| I think my taste has changed when i was very tiny gal i used to only play cutesy singleplayer games with lots of flashy colours and cute characters! Now i am more into like dark grim and challenging games like darksouls!

| I used to be mainly into games like arena shooters, RTS and rhythm games, but several years ago I found them more and more frustrating as I was both just less engaged, and also didn't have the time to play as much as I had before/had other priorities/was depressed so my skills were declining instead of advancing. The shift in my interest was sort of away from excitement and skill and more towards optimizing strategies, idly avoiding my worries and/or setting myself to a task

| These days it's pretty much the same, but I've noticed that as I'm trying to cut out video games as much as possible, the ones that I really want to still play are city builders and similar games where there's both a self-set or game-set task I can work towards and feel like I'm accomplishing something, and the freedom to create something good-looking/impressive as part of that.

| In some way my taste hasn't changed. I keep loving 90s to 2011 games plus some other newer releases, remakes or updates.

| Not so much taste as physical limitation, but I stop being able to enjoy AAA because the less stylized, less blocky, more detailed realist graphics make my chronic migraines worse.

Taste-wise, I think mine is expanding as I try a lot of different genres now, though I do get more sensitive to what I like/dislike. It sucks that I don't have the time and money to play all the games. I WANT ALL THE GAMES.

| >>727869 hit the nail on the head. Most of the stuff I was hyped for just didn't go well for me. I pretty much just play old or indie games now.

| It has changed but I dont think I stoped liking stuff, I just keep learning to love more genres

| My taste never really changed. I still play Twilight Princess and Windwaker on my GC. Still play all the oldies on my 3DS. Play the new stuff and old stuff on my switch.

Play on my ps4 and PC too. Same shit I've been playing for years. Still play Bloodborne and Civ 5 ffs.

I do pick up new stuff but I always go back to my tried and true stuff.

Creature of habit I guess.

| Hated everything turn based-> last year finished two persona games and started liking jrpgs

| >>728287 lol same here. I even told my friends that turn based system is retarded as F. Years later, JRPGS are all I play.

Also,last year I am alergic to gacha games, started playing Azur Lane 6 months ago and now I don't see me stop playing it in the near future.

| In terms of the types of games I play, it's mostly unchanged, at least with regards to the types of games I play. However, I've gotten a lot more interested in completing or reaching some finish point in the games I play. I used to play games just a little bit before moving on, but now I stay on the same ones for months in a row. This has honestly not been working out so well as I have a lot of roguelites and I'm starting to get impatient again.

| Also, I started both playing VALORANT and Beat Saber, and I think overall I've been taking video games just a bit more seriously since then

| For some reason I have a craving to play old ass rogue-likes that I NEVER had an interest in before

| i used to only play arcadey games or the franchise shooters like COD, but I've expanded my taste to a variety of genres. rogue likes, strategy, some puzzles, RPGs, as well as your typical action/adventure games.
a lil bit of everything.

| >>728670 You don't 'finish' Roguelikes lmao.

| >>728815
I mean, you can..? There's usually at least some kind of an ending.

| >>728815 I usually set some sort of goal as an end. like "beat the game with every loadout" in OSFE

| I don't think my taste has changed, but my desire to play has. I'm too tired, everything is so much effort and not enough reward. I can't bring myself to care anymore.

| I've mostly just lost the drive to play longer games. Now most of the stuff I play tends to be shorter, more arcade-like games as opposed to massive narrative or open world stuff, mostly bc every time a game is so long I have to put it down at the end of the day, there's a very real risk that I'll never pick it back up again.
A big side effect of this is that I haven't been able to finish an RPG in ages ._.

| >>729303
same. i can't stay hooked on one game, and hop around a lot. i think i might be well and truly addicted. can't find the same high as i used to when i play games, so i am constantly searching

| I used to play crpgs, roguelikes and old/obscure games of any genre. Now I only play yakuza.

| I grew up on jrpgs and zelda. When i got into my teens i started tryibg shooters and fighters bc thats what ky friends played and luckily they werent toxic so I'm comfortable playing most anything now. I still prefer turn based jrpgs but these days I really like action rpgs (I have been crushing Nier Automata for like 5 days straight and im still not tired of it and have Gravity Rush 2 up next)

| >>729303 Theres still a few compact RPGs out there, but I understand the issue with many of them being massive time sinks. Not inherently so, but its a trend among them nonetheless. Games should always respect our time no matter what genre.

| Went from pvp FPS games and racing games to RGPs, VNs, and Fighting Games. Team based pvp games don't do it for me anymore, i need the 1v1 experience fighting games give. Used to be hella into BF:BC2, BF3, BF4; now the only FPS games i play are Doom and Deep Rock.

| >>729303 >>729472 Getting a portable console helps a lot to keep your attention in one place.

| That's kind of hard to say honestly. I guess the biggest difference is that my tastes are a bit more diverse as I almost exclusively played platformers and smaller indie games (when I wasn't playing Minecraft).

Now I'm pretty into lots of different types of games. Especially games that are a mix of skill based and RNG. Fighting games too now.

| >>729303
This, so much this

| >>729303
I didn't read through the thread when I replied, but this definitely applies to me as well. Games I can pick up and play for short amounts of time are great. Longer games, while I love them, maybe get 5 hours more play time per year if it's lucky.

| My taste has always been squarely in atmospheric games, like souls series,but recently I've fallen back into Path of Exile, an mmo action rpg. I also play assassins creed valhalla until cyberpunk gets fixed.
I've always been deep into indie games, and roguelikes are my shit, otherside, Darkest Dungeon, Deadcells, etc.

Also buy Ultrakill its amazing.

| >>727896 Maybe you are just tired of a specific genre, or you should get a break and try other hobbies. When i play a lot of similar games, It feels like everything probably will be the same.

| >>729649 yeah I've been thinking about it. might grab one.

| I used to be really into first-person shooters, but over time I've shifted away from them hard. I can barely get myself to play an FPS anymore, even if it's one I'm excited for (I can't even get into the half-life series, and I haven't opened E.Y.E. yet even though the setting is really intriguing to me).

I've mostly gotten into indie action games, especially roguelikes, and soulslikes. Speaking of which, everyone check out Hellpoint.

| Just Minecraft

| >>730514
EYE is some sort of masterpiece. just don't break your legs.

| Haha, thanks for the advice.

| >>730102 I also think the g/u/rl reading this should play Ultrakill.

| >>730514 >>730910
E.Y.E is broken but really good if you learn the basics of character creation. I recomend you always have a research going at all times, never pay for scientists, and put cybernetic enhancements into your legs.

| That story is better than graphics. I dont care about graphics anymore. It means nothing. Does'nt make a game good

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