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You know what wouldn't surprise me?

| If Nintendo announced that the Among Us crewmate would be in the Smash Bros. roster list

| naaaahh

| If sans undertail was only a mii among us isn't getting a full char

| Love how people think anything could enter without any criteria...

Sorry we are talking about Smash, try searching on something lower quality made by some chinese mobile company or Epic.
If no big indie has made it into the main rooster except Minecraft because it surpassed all videogame frontiers, a bean with less gameplay than a Tetris Piece won't happen anytime soon. Maybe Mii Costume.

Monokuma and Doom Guy would happen before Crewmate. And the only one who has chances is Doom

| But hey, maybe Among us has chances on Indie Pogo.

| >>727751 Dude it's just a game, no need to sound anal

| >>727751 my gurl you sound anal af

| Among Us is a fad with an unknown future. I doubt it'll last long enough to even garner consideration.

But while we're dreaming, man, if Dana Zane got in...

| ZANE?!


| Among Us is a joke. Play Project Winter instead.

| I'm still waiting on Marina from Mischief Makers

| >not playing Who's the Vampire on Warcraft 3.

| That's, highly unlikely. I wouldn't be opposed to it. An indie rep that isn't Minecraft Steve would be sick! But because of all the legal documents and shit that Nintendo needs before making a character and the fact that they seem to choose all the characters they want before they start making the pass, and that was a good while before Among Us blew up. It would also be hard to make a good moveset for it.

So I doubt it, but I would have nothing against it if it happened.

| Shovel Knight only made it as an assist trophy, so crewmate probably has no chance

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This thread is permanently archived