There was a game released on Steam with PS1 graphics

| I remember it had some nice ambience. Its sceneries contained some Shinto Shrine or something like that. Does anyone know the title?

| do you know how long ago? might help narrow it down

| Cyberpunk 2077?

| >>726794 nah that's the PS4 edition!!!

| What genre is it?

| >>726803 jokes aside, imagine a game like Cyberpunk with graphics pre 2000 3D. I would insta buy it. Call me nostalgic but is like a game anyone would dream at those times.

| >>726903 I remember following a cyberpunk game with ps1 graphics but for the life of me I can't find it. What kiririn is doing looks sick ass hell though!

| >>726715 I've seen it somewhere earlier this year. It has been released in 2018 or something. Maybe 2019 or even this year. Definitely not earlier.. There was some ambience of it recorded on Youtube, the videos were about 40 minutes long or something.
>>726897 Dunno. I remember that you could walk around, just like in LSD for PS1.

| hypnagogia?

| Maybe something by Chilla's Art?
They did a bunch of PS1 graphic style games.

| >>726903 why don't you try Deus Ex?

| >>726693 if you want to know I'd recommend you to check HauntedPS1 on Twitter, they also have a discord server where people discuss and showcase horro games that they are currently developing with a PS1 aesthetic

| Maybe Stigmatized Property? It's a Chilla's Art game

| Yeah, sounds like Missing Children by Chilla's Art.

| Maybe it's umarangi generations. Even if it's not, I recommend it.

| OP here, none of the suggestions are right. Keep guessing I guess

| >>727875 where did you saw or know it from?

| >>728043 Youtube and Steam. I remember it had some Shinto Shrine as background or stage..

| Bump

| >>d6272f any more things you remember? Genre (fighting, sandbox, platform...), view (first-person, third-person or any other type of camera), style (futuristic, historic...)
Maybe we can guess something filtering it.

| Oh and maybe checking your Youtube video story so you can find that video?

| >>728474 sadly not as I have the feature disabled. As mentioned in earlier posts - it's like LSD for PS1 so it's a first person view for what I'm sure of. Other from that, there's that I remember it having some shinto shrine with dark green scenery. The colors looked like they were limited to 256 colors.



| >>728629 maybe the channel you watched it? I've been trying to find through Steam by tags but currently it's broken.
So far I have found Fatum Betula, but the game is from 2020.
I found it from this link https://store.steampowered.com/curator/31294838-Hidden-Gem-Discovery/list/31663/ supposedly these games are like LSD. Hope this helps, I'm still searching.

| >>729007 YES YOU DID IT G/U/RL!!
Thank you so much. It is that!

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