Fucking Enix

| "hmm should we make another instalment to beloved classic franchises like Chrono or Ogre, drawing in older fans while intriguing new players, and causing a revitalization in sales for the older games?

No, let's make Final Fantasy progressively worse"

| Okay ill be real and admit that the new graphics are tight. They've always been on the cutting edge of that stuff.

| Don't forget making the plot in kingdom hearts far longer than it should be

| >>717206 >>717220 To be fair on both statements, this is Nomura's fault, stop letting this man direct any big game. 10 years of development and the plot is never finished, you either need a sequel or a DLC, he can't do a proper ending.
FF XV's cancelled DLCs where so promising (and probably it was the real time the game needed to be released) but instead they rushed out of nowhere leaving plot-holes that won't ever be solved. And KH case 10 years for a new game with new plot holes.

| >>717237 I wanted the level editor an multiplayer on the open world so bad (what I have always been wanting since Final Fantasy I) but this guy's bad promises made Square Enix to delete XV from story, at least there is modding.

| >>717237
For real
Like chain him to a drafting table and pay him to pump out designs but that is it. Leave the writing to Kitase

| I love how in Yakuza 7 Ichiban is a big fan of the Dragon Quest series and it disillusions him into making the fight a JRPG it was the change we needed. i think it wouldve been boring with another dragon engine game

| Squeenix don't make proper RPG games, they're the asian equivalent of Ubisoft ffs. They hide their shallow games with high production,established IPs, and nostalgia.

| >>717960
I heavily disagree, with parts of it. They are way better than Ubisoft in my opinion. Ubisoft literally just make, nothing. Square Enix games still have good gameplay, good story, etc.

They are pretty formulaic, but they're still good games.

| >>717990 He kind of got it right on the Nostalgia part. Square Enix was milking hype on the FFVII remake for more than 15 years like Ubisoft's milking hype for the sequel of Beyond Good and Evil.
But also: >>717960 what Nostalgia? Haven't seen proper love to Rayman since forever like any attention to Pre-FFVII and FF spin-offs, maybe some ports and that's it.

But they are totally different companies with different moralities.

| >>718056
Yeah, they're not wrong on that part. But it's way less with Square, and also, if the game is solid, why does having nostalgia things there make it bad? For real though. Nostalgia is a good feeling. So if a company makes a really good that also has some nostalgic stuff, how is that bad?

| >>718069 Take the examples I wrote, they were announced long before release, heck, Final Fantasy VII remake was supposed to be a PS3 game, people bought PS3 just for this remake and later PS4, so to what point is making you feel good with nostalgia and not fooling with your nostalgia? Look at what Activision and Nintendo do with Nostalgia, they make people feel nostalgia for maximun 1 year. They have remakes or sequels ready before it's announcement, without messing around with it.

| How do Chrono games compare to final fantasies? I can't finish any final fantasy game I get bored so easily and drop them. So far I have tried ff 3,7,10,13, and 15 couldn't finish any of them.

| >>718095
Well, sure. They fucked up with FF7R. Does that mean that the game is bad? No. Does that make all their games bad? No. Does that make everything the company does bad? No.

I agree with the fact that the whole thing with FF7R wasn't good, but the logic of "one bad = all bad" isn't very, logical.

| Final Fantasy as a brand holds no excitement for me anymore, KH too, I hate to say it but I find joy in everything but JPRGS these days, apart from Nier and Persona.

| Squeenix guy here. I was memeing okay? I'm just frustrated that the most known JRPG franchise is becoming so bland and my favorite game, which is arguably better than the mainline series, is getting no love -- Final Fantasy Tactics. Plus, I kinda expect more from JP devs because they're very much experts in the RPG genre and yet the best they can come up with is always the realistic-anime-spiky-hair-zippers-everywhere-awkward-K-pop-Chinese-MMO-looking-gamey "RPG"

| >>718344 (Continuation) Now they just spiced it up by borrowing DMC5's combat gameplay director? I've seen the trailer and it's the most FF FF ever. It's like self-cosplaying at this point.

| It's really weird how the best Final Fantasy in recent time is a fucking MMO, but here we are.

| well it's a remake, what do you expect man? of course it won't live up to the OG but it was nonetheless pretty good. it provided an excellent experience and it was fun after so many years of replaying the original. SHAME ON YOU.

| it's also very hard to make an original game these days. if you say square enix sucks ASS, maybe you try to take it over! im not gonna deny the latest games weren't the best, but don't just trashtalk them with no supporting evidence.

| >>718670 You are talking like remakes should rebrand the OG, while that's essentially a reboot, not a remake. It's not hard to make original games, look at all those indie games out there. It is harder though, to not copy the trend of others for easy money and betray for the 50th time your fans.

FF Remake is only remake in the title, is a fact that it is a reboot, changes completelty story elements and only reuses some to keep the nostalgia factor and also changes gameplay.

| FFVIIR is to OG FFVII as Sonic The Hedgehog Movie is to any Sonic The Hedgehog game. They just share the characters and their relationship.
Remakes's purposes is to give OG a new chance to new players while keeping the OG owners a deal to fix the problems they got with the OG (bugs, not QoL), but this game is not made for fans.
Are you really going to defend this situation if the next "remake" ends up being a shooter Battle Royale of FFX?

| >betray

People always act like companies are homies or something. Someone who cares about you and shit. Bro. Companies make products. If you like the product, then you buy it. If you don't like it, then you don't. Is this a surprise to people?

| FF7R is a fantastic game so this shouldnt even be a cobversation. It's amazing however because they took the solid foundations of the original and fleshed out the characters in very organic ways. It was a new coat of paint. My issie has been with 13, 15, the dlc around that etc, and most recently the trauler for the newest where they clearly took a bunch of cues from western stuff and are using the same terrible faux-elizabethan from 12. It could always turn out great but....

| >>718344
I do like that at least the newest guy looks more like a fully adult warrior than some too cool prettyboy

| >>718110
The Chrono games are fantastic but tbh if you couldnt bring yourself to finish those games you likely wont like Chrono as it is also a plot heavy turn based RPG. I hope you get a spark to finish those games and possibly try the Chrono duology as well, as I adore them all (except ff15).

| I'm still mad Squeenix made Eidos Montreal scrap the next Deus Ex for that shitty Avengers game

| I have more problems with their publishing part. They have been in bed with denuvo for several years. Plus the monetization on the newest marvel game, yikes.

| >>718862

| A new chrono game would be sick!

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