what do you gurls think of hades

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| It's really good. Probably the best storytelling in a roguelike, perfectly tying together the gameplay loop and the story. And the story is pretty interesting in and of itself, really cool twists on some of the Greek myths. The writing is stellar as always, as are the music and the voice acting, par for the course for a Supergiant game. Gameplay is fun, although tbh it can get a little bit repetitive and frustrating.

Also playing it being bi is a nightmare because everyone is HOT.

| Hades good

| As a longtime fan of Supergiant Games, Hades good. >>716854 explains it pretty much.

It's also one of the very few roguelites I've actually beaten. And the only one I have even an inkling of wanting to speedrun. It's amazing how I can feel myself improving with every run.

I'm at 18 minutes in-game time rn. I can definitely do better!

| Pretty addicting gameplay loop! Following the story helps, of course, but it's so rewarding and engaging without the challenge becoming frustrating. Especially when I can raise the Heat if I find the game too easy to cheese. Plus the RNG and rewards along each run makes this a good example of a roguelike making me feel a rush of dopamine.

| shield is too op

| Chars are cool
Gameplay can be kinda easy if you already have experience in other roguelikes

| A boring way to end Hori- oh you mean the roguelite. Yeah, it's fuckin GREAT.

| I haven't played it, but it looks really fucking good. I've watched some videos about the way it's designed and shit, and I vibe with it.

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What's stopping you from getting it g/u/rl?

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Money, mainly. I might get it if it's on sale or something.

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Oh man, I'd love to buy it for you, but there's probably regional restriction problems. I hope you get to play it someday!

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Aw. There might be, yeah. At least on consoles. I wouldn't want you to though, I'd feel bad about it. Just the thought is sweet though. I hope so as well :)

| It's pretty good. The weapon design was a big hole in its overall goodness, though, and they also just felt like the Bastion weapons pt II. It also felt like it relied just slightly too heavily on darkness/other upgrade grinding. Other than those two problems, though, there's nothing I could point to as bad.

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Mind elaborating on why you think the weapon design is a big hole? Being built on top of Bastion isn't a bad thing, I think. I like Bastion, and Hades is faster and more fluid.

| Hades has a fun weapon system in my opinion. It gets even better when you unlock the Titan Blood upgrade forms. I didn't really like Varatha at first, but being able to run to my spear instead of just recalling it opens up some neat options for getting out of a bad spot. It's also easy to backstab after you dash through enemies.

| >>717559 It's not that it's similar to Bastion which is the main problem, just that every weapon feels spammy other than coronacht, which is annoying. they mainly feel like "dash as often as possible + spam lclick to get as many strikes out as possible" with special moves of varying utility. Other than the bow they only feel different because they work at different ranges, which makes it feel like you have to use varatha or exagryph bcs they have range.

| however because you're incentivised to beat the game with every weapon, not with one, it's not too much of a problem that certain weapons are more viable. also, hammer upgrades and aspects give them more interesting variety.

with regards to being similar to the Bastion weapons, I was just wishing there had been weapons that felt more unique to this game.

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Hmmm, yeah that's valid. Though for me personally every weapon has a different enough feel that the similarities aren't a problem. The game is meant to be this twitchy fast action thing.

Though, I'm guessing you're not a fan of the shield, are you? Using Aegis to just spam attack is wasteful and not very fun.

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>which makes it feel like you have to use varatha or exagryph bcs they have range.

I don't know what you mean. The fist is close range but deals a lot more damage per second. The shield can be very viable on long range if you play it right (esp. aspect of zeus). The sword... I am not a fan of the sword so someone else have to figure that out for me.

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