What are you hopeful for in gaming's future?

| Doesn't have to be some accurate prediction. Just something you'd like to see happen with gaming in the future. Maybe a certain game to be out, trends to be popular, some wild dream etc.

For instance I would love it if bigger budget strategy games became the norm. I would also like to see game preservation to be taken more seriously. Too many good old games get left behind. It's why I'm happy GOG exists and Xbox Series X plays older generation games.

| I'm hoping for more big budget SRPG series. Thankfully, Fire Emblem and Disgaea are still going strong, but I want *more*.


| >>716801
take the piracypill. lots of silent films have been lost because the companies simply lost interest and it was cheaper to just get rid of them. and i'm not talking about shitty b-movies, lots of work from great directors like murnau is lost.

or for a more modern example, take a look at the driver: san francisco case.

that being said gog is a great example of a company who does a great effort for game preservation. i try to support them

| I want my Japanese games to release in the west that's all I want :((

| My only wish is a PC port of Bloodborne

| I want microtransactions to die once and for all. Make everything skill or (if done in a non-infuriating way) luck based like it used to be.

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Same. One day, brother. One day...

| I will be bland here: Elden ring

| Elden Ring
Demon's Souls coming to PC eventually
Aess exclusives would be really cool
And now this is really hopeful but i would love for more stuff to be linux native :(
I really like narrative based games and it seems lately that narratives have improved in general in gaming (some genres have gotten worse in this regard) so that's pretty nice
I'm excited to see this medium being taken to its limit

| - Nintendo releasing games for PC
- Comeback of Handhelds
- End of exclusives

| I want vr to get relly big because there is so much potental there. on the other hand I don't want it to be ruined by EA or Facebook

| Sacrificing graphics in order to achieve smaller game sizes.
You stop noticing the details after a while...

| >>716843 dwarf fortress cataclysm and minecraft are good examples of bad graphics.

| >>716846 except for Minecraft, those don't have graphics at all unless someone modified/ported them, which actually can make them any graphics wanted. Could even have 4k textures or 3D models, but those communities are not ambitious enough because typing.

About Minecraft, first: Texture Packs, shaders, and RTX.
Second: it's called artstyle and is not necesarily bad. It's not like GTA (since 3 and even 5) literally placing photos on doors or windows with no effort of inmersion.

| Vanilla Minecraft represents perfectly the intended representation. Shadows don't distract you because they aren't bad done and sprites represents exactly what they are and they don't make you doubt if a sugar cane is a bazooka. They maintain you in game.

| So simple graphics is not the same as bad graphics. Look at The Outer Worlds, game look like shit with what you would call "good" graphics, why? because they are realistic? Look at Ori, Zelda or Borderlands.

| >>716837 Facebook is certainly trying

| Waiting for the industry to crash. Once big companies are down, maybe we'll start seeing proper games.

| >>716910 if you don't look at those companies is like the world is full of joy without having to crash the industry. It's true that for normies and people who are just a number in merchandising and hype, true gaming and proper games are eclipsed. But that has been a thing since Sony appeared on the market and that hasn't affected proper games to appear ever. They are silenced by the press because press wants money. But smart people don't follow press ideas.

| >>716801 Official Dumping, I have always expected a proper way to play old games even to this day apart from emulation on PC. More care on it. Microsoft finally is doing it properly with retrocompatibility. But for example Sony and Nintendo do it so wrong. Sure Wii can play Gamecube and Vita can play PSP+PS1. But Sony would only let certain selected games, and the devs have to agree to it. Nintendo would make a tiny selection of first party games to make you pay for them 5 times.

| Except now Nintendo to avoid that just rebrand the game to be "Deluxe" so you pay full price. I always wanted a little machine that you plug to your console and you can reedem your old games on the newer console's account or simply play them. Understand the "not same chips" part and what not, but it is the decision of the company to say no to retrocompatibility.

| This is one of the things why piracy is a thing and why companies don't care. Official Dumping would fix websites gaining money from their dumps. Would help people have more chances to play old games and would not let modern gaming forget about old gaming mistakes and glories.

| End of triple A muck. No more graphics arms race mentality and no more microtransactions or exploitation.

| Gaming 2 can't come soon enough

| I'm lookiny forward to furthering immersive VR. VRChat so far is great, but it can always be better.

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