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| I've been playing smite for the last 7 years but I can't stand playing with other people. I just want to play against other people. What is a good multiplayer game that I can waste a few thousand hours on just playing solo and isn't a shooter? no teammates just me by myself.

| Can't you just... play single player games, then?

| Pick up a fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter. No need for teammates, and you can always play by yourself via arcade modes and such.

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it's like I said, I want to play against people just not with them.

| Card games, like Shadowverse. Very f2p friendly.

| Smash bros

| >>716118 play 3v3 you only need two others just invite some friends

I usually play that or assault since who cares if my team is bad it's assault

| I should mention it's helpful if your friends are good at the game or at least listen, way better than randoms

| How has no one suggested Battle Royales yet? Yeah I know you will think of Fortnite, it's an example but there are more (and good not like Fortnite)
S4 League had a gamemode called Battle Royal, basically a Free For All but different from the Modern Battle Royal concept. Also there is Chaser mode, 1 vs 15 people. The Chaser is buffed and the chased don't have to cooperate, everyone just worries about their score.

| Also Old style shooters like Halo had Free for All, and in Master Chief Collection you can Lock to just play it and even customize it. the original Star Wars Battlefront II had Assault in Tatoone, I think there were teams but you don't really care about your team, you just kill.

Strategy war games let you go alone.
Racing games are also a possibility.

| Forgot to mention, in the same style of S4's Chaser mode, there is Crystal Raid in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, 1 vs 5 where you are the boss and basically overpowered, but it's not easy. DBZ Battle of Z had Battle Royale and it was crazy but I doubt there is still people playing that game (gameplay is like Xenoverse but worse)

| And maybe Warframe

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Probably because OP said aside from shooters

| 4D Chess Online

| >>716266 From the games I suggested only Halo is a shooter as an example. S4, Battlefront and Warframe may have guns but they are not required (S4 can have rooms with only melee weapons, there are a lot of options, Battlefront has lightsabers and other abilites and Warframe is like S4) they can be more like arenas. This is like saying Custom Robo/Synaptic Drive is a shooter because it has guns

| You could try the Souls series. You can opt out of the co-op and just go full pvp by invading or getting invaded. (Or by letting them in via summon). It ain't the best pvp, but it's fun stabbing them in the face and or back.

| Any RTS, any card game. Solo EVE online can be fun... Also very not fun.

| fuck it I'm just going to play visual novels forever. thanks anyways.

| Osu! has a multiplayer mode if thats your thing

| >>716214 If you want to play against someone. DO NOT play warframe. conclave is garbage.

| >>716118 minecraft anarchy servers

| >>716720 2b2t servers

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