Making a Tabletop Game

| Random /u/ thread reminded me of the time I made a tabletop game when I didn't have power for months.

Got inspired to make a more refined version of that.
For now I'm just working on the equipment. Takes me about 30mins per card


It's pretty much just Hand of Fate.
GM lays out cards, you travel across them. There'll be events, shops, enemies, and at the end a boss to proceed to the next level.

| If you g/u/rls got any ideas for equipment, curses, events, etc., I'd love to hear them. Could add them in.

There'll be stats and maybe levels. I'll go more in-depth later with the mechanics if people are interested. When I have a completed project I'll post it here

| >>715527
I'm very much interested! I love shit like this, and I've dabbled in card/board game designing myself. Keep updating this thread please!

| Still a WiP and can be changed, but here's the combat:

STR: Determines your ATK
DEX: Determines your HIT
AGI: Determines your Initiative

HIT: Determines if your attack lands
ATK: Determines the damage your attack deals
HP: Health Points
DEF: Lessens damage received

>Damage Dealt = (STR/2) + Weapon Roll +/- Add. Modifiers

>Hit Chance = (DEX/2) + d20 roll +/- Add. Modifiers

>Damage reduction = DEF/2

>Higher Initiative goes first

*Everything rounds up

| Not super imaginative, but it's not a real serious deal.
Here are the next four cards:

| >>716279 >>716281
Sure, but it's a good basis, and I like the cards I've seen so far. How do the turns proceed, if you don't mind me asking?

| Standard turn order. I haven't considered how to handle items yet. Like if they would be a free action or not

| >>716291
So, X movement 1 action? Or something else?

| Okay so let me explain that more.
The game can be played solo or with a GM. Let's just say there's a GM for now.
The GM lays out cards before you in a pathway of their choosing.

Player moves from starting point to the next connected card and they deal with whatever that card is. Could be a trap they roll against, could be a merchant.
When they're done they move to the next connected card.

| If the card is an ambush, they enter combat. Higher initiative attacks first, then the other person attacks, and so on and so forth until someone dies. There'll be a flee mechanic, but if that ambush is blocking your path then tough luck.

If the encounter is defeated, continue with map movement

| Ah. Okay. So, is it singleplayer/1p+GM or can it have multiple?

| I think it'd be more fun with a GM, but you can play it single-player. Deal all the cards yourself, just don't look at them.

I've been thinking about multiplayer, but for now I'll keep it to one. Easier to balance ya know

| I'm also gonna put shit in like this:

So if you g/u/rls got ideas for cards hmu. I'll add it in lol

| >>716344
Yeah, I know. That's fair.

Ooh! That's cute! Little references sort of. I'll see if I can find anything worthy.

| Random idea:
There'll be this event card that, depending on what the player does, changes the whole deck
Like they unearth some ancient evil and now demon cards are added into the enemy deck and there'll be special equipment cards added. Otherwise, if they don't do that, they will never see those cards in the game

| >>716504
That sounds like something that could be done as expansion for the game.

| Added Crit Chance:
If Hit chance is higher than 20, it is considered a crit Crit deals 1.25x original damage, be default
Attacker gets crit chance reduced by enemy AGI/2. If attacker rolls 20, guaranteed crit.

First enemy: https://imgur.com/f3fBHPV
Will take about 3turns to kill, in those three turns it can do 24-42 total damage, no crit, no dmg reduction.
With 10 DEF, it would do 9-27 total damage in those three turns.
Player HP is 100 by default.

| Also, got two of my buddies that also make art to help so progress should go a lot faster.

| I made one with my neighbours, it was fun, hope op gets to sell it somewhere

| Well, it's just for fun. Doubt I'll get to sell it lol

So explanation of how events will go in general.
For each event, there will be four possible outcomes:
Great Success
Great Failure

You roll a d20 to determine you're outcome. Might have a luck stat that increases your chances.
You can ignore the event, but it will result in a failure by default.
That's the general way it'll go. Might have three Success outcomes, might not be able to ignore, etc.

| All I'm reading and looking at here sounds solid and fun. Keep it coming :)

Not with that attitude you won't.
For real though. Games like this aren't super hard to sell, even if it's just a few copies over the internet or at a local store. If you know a programmer or know programming yourself then it could also be made digital, which should be even easier to sell or put free on Itch.io with tips turned on or something.

| >>717187 I'm a programmer myself, and I admit I always wanted to develop at least a simple game, don't even care if it monetizes or not.

By myself I wouldn't be able to do anything, but if someone else with programming skills is also interested, we could team up and make it possible.

| Oh shit, I found some of my old cards. Here's how they looked like:

There use to be a version before this one too, even less refined. This was also during the aftermath of another storm lol.
So this has been a long time coming really. I've always wanted to do this.

Dude that's awesome. I might know a guy. He's usually busy though so no promises.
Originally, I just wanted to put this in Tabletop Simulator, but a standalone thing could be neat.

| Armor set. Haven't thought about the set bonus it'll give yet.

My friend says he's down. If you're still interested hmu at Joestar#2317 on Discord or whatever's convenient for you.
That's just a burner account so I'm fine with posting it here lol

| >>717827 Those are some cool looking cards.
Give me some minutes to create a Discord account and I'll message you

| Added a shitty meme event card.

| >>718871
The art on that is actually so sick though! Changing up the look and stuff to make it fit well and the JoJo shit. I really like that.

| Thanks! That's actually my main art style. I attribute the shading style more to Redline, but there's definitely JoJo influence lol.

Here's another event. Might be doing the next few cards in this this lazier style simply because it's faster

| Would it be fucked up to make every chest have a chance to be a mimic?
Even higher tier chests can be a mimic. So Gold tier chests are stronger mimics for example. Higher than Gold, there won't be a chance of mimics.

This is suppose to be a game where RNG can really fuck you over, like Darkest Dungeon

| Done did it. Also improved the layout of enemy cards. Now you can see the gold they drop and the EXP they give

| Starter gear for a hardmode class. Basically like deprived in Dark Souls

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