Vampire the masquerade is pretty good

| Malkavians are the best.

| Well, I agree but it didn't feel like a true masterpiece. There are just too many flaws on the technical part. Characters are great though.

| >>715243 well it's old so the clunky gameplay was expected and the unofficial patch fixes the legitimately broken parts of the game. It's no masterpiece for sure tho but definitely worth playing and then replaying at least once as a Malkavian cuz it's fun

| It's a good game. Yes.

| Such a shame Bloodlines 2 is utterly fucked at this point

| >>715225
I love you OP!! <3 I eat, drink, breath and live VTM.

Are you solely talking about Bloodlines or the World of Darkness in general? Either way, they're all kick-ass.

Eh, you take what you can get. Hopefully it'll be a fun and campy vampire RPG that'll give you a few hours of enjoyment. Just don't expect the same game as the first one. You'll set yourself up for disapointment.

| >>715311 I've only played the game so far but I would love to get into the table top rpg! (I just need people to play with)

| can only agree that VTM is incredibly fun, both the videogames and the Tabletop game. Yeah, Redemption was hellishly buggy, but entertaining enough in multiplayer and Bloodlines had its problems, but they were fun nontheless.

i hope you can find a coterie and a nice story teller!

| Has anyone played VtM: Coteries of New York or Shadows of New York? They're visual novels.

| >>715225
Goddamn fishmalks

| >>715674
I haven't played them but they're supposedly good. I'm more excited about Swansong. It's made by the same team that made The Council.

Cool! If you're interested in playing some lighter text-only campaigns then I'm in.

I strongly recommend playing trough Bloodlines with the Clan Quest mod and The Final Nights mod at least once. You have to play them separately.

| >>716477 I'm down to play it sounds fun! And I will check those mods out

| Vtmb is really broken game but fgs it's good even though battle mechanics sucks a lot.

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