9th generation of consoles is dead

| I'm talking about MS and Sony (Nintendo is own and don't need to worrying)

But now about PS5 and X SeX (i know it's only Xbox, but i can't skip under title xd)

I feel that they are only doing what computers always was, no headlighting exclusives at start (only few on side of Sony)..
Xbox is supposed to be cheaper way how to get gaming hw, but MS have play anywhere philosophy, what is nice, but don't reasoning why should console instead pc.

I'm curious if you are having same view

| As someone who have a potato PC and do most of my gaming on console, I have no idea what you're talking about. It's great to have a device that's dedicated to gaming.

I'm not getting PS5 or Xbox S|X yet, but if in the next couple of years I want to play new AAA games, I know I'd rather get either of them than paying a lot more for a PC that can run modern games.

| >>714647
The prices are so expensive and there's no storage.
The only upside is the speed of loading games...

| >>714786 true, the only unique thing we have on console marked is the switch

| >>714797
Yeah. The Switch is just, it's what a gaming device should be. It's not trying to be something it isn't (a hardcore gaming PC) and it's embracing what it is. I don't mind not having typical AAA shit when I have the Switch and all the games on there, you know? PS5 and Xbox 6 is gonna sell for sure, and I might buy one someday, but, idk. It just seems kind of weak.

| >>714786
Still cheaper than a PC capable of running the same kind of games. And anyway I'm sure the price will go down in a couple of years.

The upside? Not having to sit on my work desk and having guarantee that the games will run are upside enough.

The Switch is fantastic and I'll probably hold on to mine for years, decades even, but PS5/XboxSX handle totally different games, you know.

| >>714857 well, if you ended up buying more than 1 console of the latest generation, you'll spend the same amount of money for buying a good PC.

| Console knuckle draggers think 30fps ray traced games is some sort of graphical marvel. There is no reason, OP.

| >>714888 If you add playing online, online services and the price of console videogames (you can buy 5 PC games with the same money you can only buy 1 of these in console, if you are into consoles you won't wait for offers that often and will get most games on release), in two years 1 PS5/XBOXSX is more expensive than a PC able to play the same stuff. Plus PC offers more than videogames.

| Also modding, better graphics and without these consols there wouldn't be any more bs exlusive titles...ahh what a romantic thought.

| I've heard that there are fewer cheaters on consoles. And this is very good.

| The only reason to get a console over PC is exclusives
Switch and PC is all you really need and maybe a PlayStation as well if you like cinematic games... I would say weeb stuff too but with how well P4G did on steam, I'm thinking Atlus is going to start looking at that market more so it might not be much longer for Sony getting Atlus exclusives

| I haven't bought a current gen console aside from the Switch since the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox era, and have no interest in doing so. There's just no value in it for me, as I already have a non portable gaming solution (custom pc) that's lasted through the last few generations of console gaming.

| Playing on PC vs console is still a night and day experience for me. I get motion sick and headaches easily from pc games so I tend to spend A LOT of time setting up a game and controller to prevent that. I HATE THAT. Console game at least have standards to conform to to prevent sickness. I only hate that consoles have become ad machines on the homepage. Eff that

| >>715736 you understand this has nothing to do with the platform you are playing right? You are basically saying you get motion sickness on Minecraft on a PC but you don't on a console.

This probably is a cause of the distance to the monitor/TV, your configuration on either the display and the game.
You can still play with controllers on a PC and connect it to your console display.

So whatever the reason is don't blame on something both consoles and PC do.

| Controller is just turning it on and telling bluetooth that's your controller. Or if you have cable plug it and that's it. Just like a console.

| >>715831 It's like this. Console experience is console and tv. The console just has one UI experience. On PC, there is the OS resolution setting, display driver settings, monitor display setting, and game display settings. Defaults for each game are different and require optimization when starting for the first time. This optimization part is where my motion sickness kicks in. Switch from OS display to game window, popping out of game window to tweak settings etc

| >>715832 I'm using a ps4 controller on PC. Between DS4, windows default controller driver, Steam controller setting, and which random setting the game itself chooses to use, first time launching a game requires a lot of set-up time. To be fair emulators work fine with DS4, I love this part about PC

| I'm with >>716172 on this one. The setup and launching and all the technical issues that might still happen is a major reason why I still prefer gaming on consoles over PC.

On console you just turn it on and then run the game and you can play. Sometimes you don't even need to turn it on. You can just pause mid-game and put it on sleep mode and then continue later.

| >>716172 Understand your point but in my case, been playing on Pc for so long and I only remember having to mess around with resolution with really Old games like Diablo II (I think?) that process is automatic for years and only had to mess with driver resolution for setting up a Wii U emulator. And about the monitor, I tried Gta 5 PC on the same TV I tried GTA 5 on a PS4 and looked exactly the same with default settings.

| On Switch I'm constantly changing the resolution because on my TV some games look bad, and had the same problem with a Wii and whenever I start playing a new game the first thing I do is go to settings, no matter the platform, since N64 and GBA. It's not wasting time, is the way to play the game the best for you.

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