Am I the only one who's holding back on buying a PS5 or an Xbox Series X?


| No you're not special

| Right back at you mate

| Nope, I wanna see where they go, and will probably wait 6 months or so

| I skipped last generation and will probably skip this one too.

| Nah, I'm sticking with my PC and a Switch for awhile longer yet.

| >>714395 aaaaay fellow pc and switch user

| I always wait for the second wave of systems to roll out. I don't want one that will die on me in a few months/year.

| No. I'm not interested at all tbh.

| It's nothing new, many of us are just not confident in getting a console at launch.

Usually because we have older games to worry about, we don't see enough next gen games to catch our interest, waiting for a price drop on the console itself, or a new model may come out and we get that instead.

Personally I wanna pick up an Xbox Series S, but not right now. It'll be a while.

| >>714560 yeah xbox do be looking better than the playstation at launch, maybe it could flip but idk

| Probably PS5 if you like exclusives, Japanese production and gaming console experience.. if you want games from pc on console with some kind of gaming netflix, probably Xbox..

For me i can say honestly none from them, but buy Switch instead xd but costs little a lot for me, so i'm playing on pc..

| I just bought my first PS back in August, so I'm not really in a hurry to upgrade. Plus, it's dumb to buy a system right at launch when there's no interesting stuff in sight. Also fire bad.

| My PC and 3DS are more than enough for me

| I would only doubt about buying a PS5 if it is possible to jailbreak and play Switch emulator on it. Or Gta SA


| I'd rather wait till next year when there's a couple of more games for them.

| Eh

| no money for it and even if i had any i'd just upgrade my pc lol

| No you're not. I can't afford something that's new. Besides I just got my hands on a PS3. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY consoles have became literal computers

| >>714957 no, stop saying this new generation is PC-like. These consoles are not PCs at all, where is the calculator? Where is the file explorer? Where are the file editors? I can't do my work with any of these consoles an no one can (except people dedicated to videogames). This consoles can only play videogames, aren't designed to do more tasks, and as much have video streaming services or being able to read DvDs. That's all.

| >>714966 they literally have desktop computer inside you retard

| >>714994 ????? like i get them having the parts that other rigs have, although outdated if what my brother told me is correct, but a whole desktop...? if they have a whole desktop inside why would i buy one? i could buy a desktop for cheaper.

| >>714966 they mean specs

| I think the only thing that would get me to buy a PS5 is either Gravity Rush 3 or new atlus exclusives
Otherwise, PS4, Switch, and PC is more than enough for me

| >>715232 I'd be interested in that as well, but I feel like the game met it's conclusion maybe--but who knows

| >>715232 Gravity Rush 3 chances are as low as Half Life 3

| Yeah feel like Gravity Rush 3 is a never ever but I'm saying if that did come out it would get me to buy a PS5
I'm not expecting it to exist, but if it did I would buy a PS5 to play it

| >>715007 ps4 era + is literally the same underlying architecture as a pc, they use x86 instruction set just like desktops, down to being made by AMD

if Sony or m$ had not locked it down in software it's so close to a pc you could run windows on it

| When you buy a console now you're paying for a desktop that's pre built, and locked down with it's own ecosystem, kind of similar to apple devices actually

The benefit is games only have to target a much smaller set of hardware for that one platform than pc, and users don't have to know anything about pc specs, plus exclusives

Other than that they're just a locked down pc with fancy marketing these days

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