What's the favourite game from your childhood?

| What's a really good game that also hits your nostalgia and stuff from your childhood?

If you want to you can split it into multiplayer and single player, for the people who had friends growing up.

| Spyro the Dragon on playstation. I absolutely adored this game as a kid

| My favourite game from childhood is still my favourite game ever, Zelda Majora's Mask on N64 (though I also love 3DS even with changes or patched). Towards mutliplayer it was Mario Party 1 & 8, which I used to play with my father so late he always ended up falling asleep.

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Spyro is certainly solid.

Aw. That's adorable :3

| Plants vs Zombies on PC.

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That's big nostalgia for sure.

| Lands of Lore: the throne of chaos

| Super Mario bros on nes.

| I loved playing ratchet and clank

| Chrono Trigger all the way, with FF6 and Link to the Past as close second a third place

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I've never hear about that one before now. Searched it up, and now I kinda wanna play it.


Those were good ass games.

Those are such amazing games. Especially Chrono Trigger. I still need to finish that.

Nothing like the early Skyrim days. Such a magical experience until you realise how broken it is, and then for some reason get a newfound appreciation for it later on. While it's many ports is a meme, there's a reason for it.

| Singleplayer:
Anno 1602
Vampires Dawn 2

Heroes of Might & Magic 4
I just loved to play Heroes with a friend in Hotseat mode.

| >>714255 Me and my brother played the shit out of might and magic as kids. I think it was my first PC game.

We also used to play a lot of Advance Wars DS, which was definitely my favorite as a kid

| Hard pick between Pokemon blue (that I played on the n64 with pokemon stadium that I got after blue. odd, I know. but I didn't have a gameboy at the time) and Gauntlet Legends for N64 that I played with my dad.

| Its definitely gotta be pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time for me that game blew my mind as a kid

| SMB (snes) <3

| >>714255
Ooh! Those are interesting choices.

Advance Wars is a game I haven't played, but that I know is solid.

I think I was actually going to play Gauntlet Legends with my dad once, but we never did. Now I want to though.

I had that as well! Such a fun game! If only my English was better back then...

Classic, solid, holds up.

| The aesthetic of The Sims still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Also Age of Empires II. The sound effects are very nostalgic, of all things.

| Sonic 3 and knuckles. Final fantasy 8 and sonic adventure 1 and 2.

| >>714649
Sound effects and music from games from your childhood hits different though! I remember almost crying when I randomly heard a track from World of Goo. I used to play that a lot around the time it came out (2008-2009) and now the music just hits so hard, even though I barely remember the game.

Very solid picks. The Sonic Adventure games are good. Fuck what people say. Older Sonic and FF is also great.

| Harry Potter 2 for PC.
It was my first licence game bought.
It was my first Harry Potter related thing which got me into this universe for some time.
It was my first action RPG (Well, there was more of a platformer element, but I still love how they did it)

| Duck hunt on the nes, spent my childhood shooting ducks through a tv screen with the zapper light gun, I am alone at home most of the time during my childhood times. I was around 3 or 5 years old when I played that game. Wasnt my first but it is my favourite game.

| Forgotten Warrior (phone game), Age of Empires, Pokémon Emerald, Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road

| Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue but also Explorers

| Cossacks:back to war.

| Sonic the Hedgehog 2

| SuperMan 64

| >>715079
A part of me really hopes that this isn't a joke, but another part of me tells me that it is.

All solid stuff above and it's super interesting to see such a big variety of games. Keep 'em coming!

| >>714747 I have had that exact same experience with the World of Goo soundtrack. For some reason, the music from that game is much more memorable than the music from any other game I've played.

| (up until VA11 Hall A of course)

| >>715114
Ooh! Yay! I've never met anyone else who really knows about World of Goo. Much less someone who's had that same experience! I don't know what it is about the music but it hits super hard, even though the game was just about building bridges and towers and stuff with little goo balls.

(Well, obviously)

| All of you people who associate World of Goo with "childhood memories" are making me feel very very very old

| Chrono Cross, Megaman Legends 2 and resident evil 3

| >>715171
Aw. I'm sorry. I'm just young. It did come out 12 years ago though, so it is kinda old.

Super solid games.

| >>715227
SUPER solid games!
Megaman Legends 1 and 2 were so good, unfortunately my younger self was never able to beat then.

| >>714747 >>715114 >>715156 WoG's soundtrack is phenomenal, yes. Hits as a truck.

| Minecraft was my favorite game growing up (and still is)

| >>716051
Yes yes yes! I didn't know that so many g/u/rls knew about the World of Goo OST, but I'm very glad :)

That's very fair. It's an excellent game.

| World of goo is also a fond memory of mine and I think I have like 3 copys of it from buying it on different platforms over the years

| >>716479
That's really cool! Only game I have that many copies of is RE4. I only have two of World of Goo. Wii and Steam.

| Final Fantasy 4. I have fond memories of playing it on my GBA. Now I'm replaying the DS Remake, it's gotten me nostalgic both for SNES era games and DS games.

| Broken Sword was my favorite but Rise of Legends is a very close second.

| monster hunter freedom unite though i actually never even reached hr9, i was scared of fighting the bosses without friends or my brother taking over. i mainly just farmed materials and fill the inventory with it.

| Shining Force 1

| my brain didn't like videogames until i played little big planet.

| RE4

| You know what, I probably did not think so at the time, but I ended up really liking The Guardian Legend. It was probably the game that influenced my preferences in videogames the most.

Well, also Mega Man and either Street Fighter 2 (on the NES, no less) or
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES version as well).

| >>716526
I haven't played 4 yet, but it looks good.

I don't think I've heard of either of them before but now I wanna check them out!

That's how I play MH nowadays...

This game actually looks sick! I love the combat screen for it.

| >>716796
Little Big Planet was good times.

I actually never played RE4 until 2-3 years ago, but it quickly became one of my favourite games, even though I don't have nostalgia for it.

Very good games! Never heard of that first one before, but the cover art is really cool.

| A lot of good games i see up here!
I played a lot of Command and Conquer: generals and Psychonauts. Still my favourite games.

| Definitely Pokemon!

| Final Fantasy Tactics and FFTA: Advance, Resident Evil 2, Warcraft III Dota, Half-Life.

| >>717360
Both great classics, that I've sadly never played. I should get around to it.

Ooh! Which generation is your favourite?

All classics!

| Halo 3

| Life is Strange

| Midnight Club 3

| >>718047
Woah. Childhood? Damn. You're making me feel old and I'm not even 18 yet!

Good vrrrmmmm

Good bangbang

| >>718066 i was today decided to never end my childhood, and i don't care that i'm 20+ xd

| >>718073
Hmm. That's kinda cool in a way. Do you have a favourite from the time that most people would consider childhood though?

| minecraft lite, codwaw, few games in armorgames

| >>717965
Gen 4 and 5 are easily tied! My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pearl and I spent a lot of hours on it.

| >>718082 Daxter, Megaman powered up, lego games, naruto games, Project Zero 2.. is them so much.. but SNES, PSP, PS2 and Wii are probably importants for me where i was playing and was affected me ^^

| and Chex Quest

| Zoombinis

| >>718128
Basically this and some SNES-era stuff is honestly what I expected to see the most. Thank you for not letting me be completely dumbdumb! Also, that's just good times.

Ooh! I'm not huge into Pokémon, but I think I might actually agree with you on 4-5 being best gen.

>>718252 >>718260 >>718261
Lots and lots of games! Damn! With so many favourites it must have been a lot of fun :)

| Hey you Pikachu and Pokemon Snap

| Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

| i grew up playing valve games, mostly cs 1.5 and team fortress classic then half life 1 when i stopped fearing it

| >>718537
Aw! I don't know why, but I find that super adorable :3

Gotta love the Mario RPGs.

Good ol' PC gaming.

| >>716892 Hope you do man, Broken Sword is really solid and the italian dub is god tier, made me fall in love with it.

| >>718563
I don't speak Italian, but if I play the game and it has subs on top of it then I can give it a go!

| Also flyff. Ruined my life but the music will still make me cry

| >>718574
Aw. That's kinda wholesome :3

| ohhh, i had lots of fun games growing up. goldeneye, spyro, crash bandicoot, guitar hero, shadow of the colossus, god of war, resident evil, link to the past, super mario 64, super mario world, super smash bros melee, halo, metal of honor, warcraft 2, diablo 1 and 2, sims 2000 gta vice city, and that's just the beginning. i have a whole collection that i love to play

| >>718677
That certainly is a lot of games! Out of those though, which are your favourites? The ones you remember the most fondly and maybe come back to?

| My favorite game is Fable 2. It wasn't the best game then I look back at it, but it definitely had an impact on me.

By the way, you were talking about World of Goo, but does nobody really remember the Little Inferno from the same studio?

| Also Psychonauts was one of my favorites, but I wasn't really invested in the story, because of the lack of translation (only sub). I was amazed by the aesthetic though!

| >>718786
I've heard great things about Fable 2.
Also, I do know Little Inferno, but I found out about that game 4-5 years after it came out and I never played it myself. Just watched it. Great game though! But not childhood for me.

| >>718786 Little Inferno was after my childhood

In middle school, me and my friends played the absolute shit out of some Nuclear Throne. Roguelites have been 80-90% of what I play since then.

| Actually, little inferno was during my childhood. I just didn't play it until later, I guess. I could have sworn it was a 2016 release but it was 2012

| >>718988
Oh, damn. I never knew Nuclear Throne was that old, but it had playable versions as early as 2013.

Ah, yeah. Before reading this one I was pretty confused about how it wasn't during your childhood when Nuclear Throne was, but yeah. Around 2016 was when I first found out about it as well, but it's actually a bit of an oldie.

| >>718677
Oh dang, Guitar Hero. I think that game single-handedly defined the kind of music I'm into to this day. Whoops.

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