Game with advanced character creator?

| Anyone know titles (RPG or not) with more advanced creator where I can make my own dream character?

| Code Vein's character creator is insane

| Sims games and Skyrim offers a vast variety, and if you include mods it's insane the amount of posibilities and freedom to customize any aspect. Both having first person mode can make you role as them too. (these are features of why so many people are waiting for Cyberpunk 77, so you could add it to the list.)
Saints Row The Third and IV also offer A LOT of personalitation compared to any other open world ever.
As for turn base RPGs I can only think of Dragon Quest IX on DS.

| Also special mention on Minecraft where you literally draw what you want and if you are lazy just search for your dream character as probably has already done it. Recently they added a customization tool to Bedrock but it's a little limited (and microtransaction-like), but skins are totally free to use on Mobile and PC.
For 2D games Stardew Valley (clothes are a little limited though), Terraria with an insanity amount of vanity items and combinations and Starbound which is modable.

| Dark Souls and Monster Hunter customization is meaninless as Armor will cover it but it's varied. Warriors games and anime games with custom characters also have a Lot of variety, like >>706117, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Attack on Titan 2, SAO games...

And lastly there is Animal Crossing, doesn't have much variety on hairstyles or facial, but you can draw all your clothes and some people are really creative with this.

| Fallout 1 and 2 allows you to customize quite a bit and it changes how you play the game. Try having a low int if you want hilarious dialogues. If you go high endurance and charisma in Fallout 2 you can basically finnish the entire game by playing a porn star.

Arcanum has a similar freedom to character creation. Just rememberer that tech is hard mode.

| Fallout 4 has really nice char creation settings.

| If you just want to create modern-day characters just play The Sims. I personally like the customisation in The Sims 3 more, but The Sims 4 runs better.

| Black Desert has advanced character creation

| I'm surprised no one mentioned Dragon's Dogma yet.

You can become a short fat black woman and still slay the dragon.

| >>706351 in Skyrim you can become a short fat black dragon female and still slay the woman (?)

| Koikatsu or Honey select lol

| freedom wars

| bastard bonds has what you are looking for.


| Drawing

| >>706718 Ah, a man of culture.

| >>706107 When it comes out next month, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be super customizable. Apparently even to the point you can even customize genitalia, among many other options.

| >>707323 Come back here next month to tell us about your disappointment

| Pso2

| >>707605 Press says you can create a guy with vagina or a girl with penis and customize dick sizes, so that'll probably not dissapoint any minorities at least.

| >>708468 what about futas?

| Or what if you want to be asexual?

| Kenshi

| The Mii Channel on the Wii is pretty robust imo

| They did miis dirty on the switch

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