Old Roguelikes

| Hades has got me back into a roguelike mood so i've been back into Crawl and i forgot how good old style roguelikes are. kinda thinking about getting back into cataclysm

| cataclysm is a blast they just introdused a new nested storage system

| I had a friend who played a shinto priestess in cataclysm and that's such a neat idea for a run, i kinda wanna steal it

| I might steal that also. or maybe a cyborg if I'm feeling cyberpunky.

| Fuck I kinda wanna play a cyberpunk roguelike

| same I would kill for a cyberpunk roguelike

| there has to be one, right? there can't not be

| checking rougebasin it looks like there are 3 roguelikes http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=List_of_Roguelikes_by_Theme#Cyberpunk

| I have heard a bit about decker now that I think about it, but I have never played it.

| Hades

| dungeon of the endless is pretty cyberpunk

| >>706178 >>706247
Those aren't really roguelikes in the first place, Hades especially, and while the first point could be debated, those MOST DEFINITELY aren't "old style" roguelikes. Anyway, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is probably my favorite, with NetHack/Slash'EM being not too far behind. ADOM is obviously a classic one as well, and IVAN has some pretty interesting mechanics, even though it's absolutely brutal.
While not necessarily quite "old style," Tales of Maj'Eyal is also cool

| Ive never played ivan is it any good?

| I'm playing Shigatari now and it's super fun

| I'm playing a nyarcoleptec axe murder in cataclysm

| >>a06460 nap murderer

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