Best games on the switch?

| I had recently gotten a switch and would like to know what other games i should get for the switch.I already have octopath traveler and Ys Origin

| Breath of the Wild. It's almost a meme how everyone who have Switch have Breath of the Wild, but it really is that good.

I heartily recommend Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Unless you're allergic to anime or very long games, but since you mentioned two JRPGs you don't seem to be!

| Mario Oddesey is fun, but not if you are looking for a challenging experience, it's a Mario game, after all.

Oh, and know these games aren't switch exclusive, but I'll mention them anyways:
- Hollow Knight
- Axiom Verge

(I have a thing for Metroidvanias)

| One Step From Eden

| -Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
-Bayonetta 2
-The Wonderful 101 Remastered
-Disgaea 5 Complete
-Super Smash Bros Ultimate
-Valkyria Chronicles 4

| Since you mentioned Ys Origin, I feel like you might enjoy Ys VIII as well. It's quite a bit different, but still has more or less the same core and still is pretty good.

Astral Chain is also very fun, I would go as far as to call it a definitive Platinum Games experience, so if you're into spectacle fighters it's definitely worth it. It's pretty easy to beat, but getting highest rank on every mission is going to be pretty challenging.

| Monster hunter generations ultimate is amazing

>>705756 +1 for disgaea and valkyria

| >>705851
MHGU is pretty great, true, but Rise comes out, what, this Spring? I'd rather wait for that.

| >>705851 Got any tips for someone new to Monster Hunter and picked up generations ultimate on sale? I don't know what I'm doing.

| >>705963
1)Start with sword and shield
2)You can't lock on to small monsters 3)Take your time fighting the big ones
4)There are optional quests and key quests
5) Village quests are single player and Hunters Hub quests can be played with other people
6)At the beginning don't worry too much about armor skills
7) For early armor sets I'd recommend starting with the jaggi set

There's more but I'm tired as hell rn and the character limit makes it difficult.

| >>705982 oh yeah before I knock out check out arekkz and gaijin hunter's channels. They have some great guides for monhun. I'll see if there's anything else I remember tomorrow. I just listed off the basic stuff that I had issues with when I started in MH4U.

| >>705983 ACTUALLY ONE MORE THING. Melee weapons and ranged weapons use different armor. Once you get used to how the game controls with sword and shield you should experiment with other weapons. Then you can decide what type of weapon you want to use.

| Phoenotopia awakening is basically the perfect version of a 2d zelda so if that sounds at all interesting then your definitley gonna like it

| Gal Gun 2

| I've been playing a lot of Warsaw, which is a fun darkest dungeon like

| Deemo
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Katana Zero
Red Strings Club
Witcher 3
Shovel Knight
The World Ends With You (not as easy to play as DS version)
Enter The Gungeon
+more when I think of them

| >>706499 Fuck you mean TWEWY is harder to play on the switch than the DS,what bloody bullshit mechanic can they add to TWEWY to make it harder on the switch than the dual screen battle system for the DS

| >>706499 Nvm,just watched a video on it,goddamn single screen TWEWY sounds worse than having to focus on two screens at one time

| Breath of the Wild
Smash Ultimate
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Hollow Knight
Disgaea 5
Battle Chef Brigade

Obviously not all of these are exclusives, but I've played them on Switch and loved it.

| >>706540
>Battle Chef Brigade

| >>688891 lol you're fine. I played the fuck out of it when I found a copy at gamestop a few years ago, kinda mastered the two screen system to a decent degree. I was amped for Final Remix, but between motion controls, the switch not being the best for touch screen play, and my joy cons drifting at the time all make me prefer the original. I'll inevitably play Final though. It's an amazing game despite poor control optimization.

| I'm sad about the lack of Dragon Marked for Death on the thread.
I know is not a popular game, but still! I recommend checking it out. And if you have friends willing to also give it a try, even better!
And for a small description of the game, well, it's basically Megaman Zero saga but Medieval.

| Basically anything by Devolver Digital
Very few Ratalaika games, i.e. Akane
Deadly Premonition
Just Shapes And Beats
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive

| If you're paying for online splatoon 2 is fantastic. The single player is only good if you play the DLC single player.
Katamari Damacy reroll is cute and fun... a little short but it's a much cheaper game compared to other switch games.
Pokemon sword and shield are good if you really like pokemon (they're easy but still pokemon so if you enjoy pokemon you'll probably like it)
Mario Maker 2 is fun even if you dont want to build levels and just play ones uploaded by others

| >>706834 Seconding Catherine, the new version is so good

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